Love And Death [mp3]


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2008 – Save Me from Myself (Brian Head Welch)/01. L.O.V.E/02. Flush/03. Loyalty/04. Re-Bel/05. Home/06. Save Me from Myself/07. Die Religion Die/08. Adonai/09. Money/10. Shake/11. Washed by Blood

2012 – Chemicals (EP)/01. Paralyzed/02. Whip It/03. Chemicals/04. Paralyzed (Har Megiddo Remix)/05. Chemicals (Har Megiddo Remix)

2013 – Between Here and Lost/01. The Abandoning/02. Whip It/03. Watching the Bottom Fall/04. By the Way/05. Meltdown/06. My Disaster/07. I W8 4 U/08. Fading Away/09. Paralyzed/10. Chemicals/11. Bruises/12. Empty/13. The Abandoning (Rauch Remix)/14. Meltdown (Rauch Remix)

2021 – Perfectly Preserved/01. Infamy/02. Tragedy/03. Down/04. Let Me Love You/05. Death Of Us/06. Slow Fire/07. The Hunter/08. Lo Lamento/09. Affliction/10. White Flag


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