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CD 1

1997 – Alive in L.A/01. A Little Bumpin’/02. Night Rhythms/03. Boss City/04. San Juan Sunset/05. Uptown/06. Waltz for Carmen/07. Wes Bound/08. Pacific Nights/09. Rio Funk/10. 4 on 6

1998 – This is Love/01. This is Love/02. Mr. Papa/03. Can You Feel It?/04. Dream Away/05. Alfie’s Theme/06. And You Know What… I Love You/07. Baltimore/08. Ooh-Yeah/09. Street Runner/10. Dreamwalk/11. Pavane

2000 – Two Worlds/01. Concerto in A Minor for Four Keyboards and Strings/02. Bachianas Brasileiras No.5 Aria/03. Sonatina- Andante II/04. Elegia (A Henri) [feat. Gil Shaham]/05. Suite Popular Espanola No.3 Cancion [feat. James Walker]/06. Lagrima/07. River Songs- The Water is Wide-Shenandoah/08. Romanian Folk Dances/09. Suite Compostelana HI Cuna/10. Suite Popular Espanola No.l el Pano Moruno [feat. James Walker]/11. Siciliana [feat. Julian Lloyd Webber]/12. Canto Invierno/13. Bachianas Brasileiras No.4 Preludio

2001 – A Twist of Marley/01. Exodus [Lisa Fischer & Michael Brecker]/02. I Shot the Sheriff [Maxi Priest & Lee Ritenour]/03. Get Up Stand Up [Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin]/04. No Woman No Cry [Jonathan Butler]/05. Is This Love [Will Downing]/06. Redemption Song [Richard Bona & M.Brecker]/07. Jamming [Gerald Albright & Lee Ritenour]/08. Waiting in Vain [Lee Ritenour & Maxi Priest]/09. Turn Your Lights Down Low [Lisa Fischer]/10. So Much Trouble [Rick Braun & Phil Perry]/11. Could You Be Loved [Marc Antoine & Patti Austin]/12. Stir It Up [Phil Perry]/13. Get Up Stand Up [R&B version] [Jochem & Digz]

2002 – Rit’s House/01. Module 105/02. ’13’/03. Mizrab/04. 78th & 3rd/05. Rit’s House/06. A Little Dolphin Dreamin’/07. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic/08. Condor/09. Olinda/10. Night Owl/11. Party Time/12. Just Listen

2003 – A Twist of Motown/01. Inner City Blues/02. Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone/03. Never Can Say Goodbye/04. Just My Imagination/05. I Heard It Through the Grapevine/06. The Tracks of My Tears/07. You Haven’t Done Nothin’/08. Creepin’/09. Medley- War – What’s Going On/10. All This Love/11. Got to Be There

2003 – World of Brazil/01. Water to Drink (Agua de Beber)/02. Latin Lovers (Incompatibilidada de Ginios)/03. Linda (Voce e Linda)/04. Dindi/05. Stone Flower/06. San Isidro/07. Harlequin (Arlequim Desconhecido)/08. Bahia Funk/09. Asa/10. Windmill/11. E (Yeah!)

CD 2

2005 – Overtime/01. Boss City/02. Blue in Green/03. Ocean Ave/04. She Walks This Earth/05. Sugarloaf Express/06. Possibilities/07. Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone/08. Morning Glory/09. Captain Fingers/10. P.A.L.S./11. Night Rhythms/12. Lil’ Bumpin’/13. Is It You?

2006 – Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors/01. Smoke ‘n’ Mirrors/02. Capetown/03. Southwest Passage/04. Waters Edge/05. Blue Days (Dias Azuis)/06. Spellbinder/07. Memeza/08. Povo/09. Lovely Day/10. Township/11. Forget Me Nots/12. Stone Cool/13. Motherland/14. 41,2 Storms

2008 – Amparo/01. Three Latin American Dances-1. Tango en Parque Central/02. Three Latin American Dances- H. Danzon de Etiqueta/03. Three Latin American Dances- HI. Joropo Peligroso/04. Pavane, 0p.50 [feat. Renee Fleming & Joshua Bell]/05. English Folk Song Suite- H. My Bonny Boy/06. Since First I Saw Your Face [feat. James Taylor]/07. Olha Maria (Amparo) [feat. Joshua Bell]/08. Ma Mere L’Oye (Mother Goose Suite)- IV. Beauty and the Beast/09. Echos/10. Adagio in G Minor [feat. Chris Botti]/11. Duetto- Scherzano Sul Tuo Volto [feat. Renee Fleming & Chris Botti]/12. Sicilienne

2010 – 6 String Theory/01. Lay It Down [feat. John Scofield]/02. Am I Wrong [feat. Keb’Mo’ & Taj Mahal]/03. L.P. (For Les Paul) [feat. Pat Martino & Joey DeFrancesco]/04. Give Me One Reason [feat. Joe Bonamassa & Robert Cray]/05. 68 [feat. Steve Lukather & Neal Schon & Slash]/06. In Your Dreams [feat. Steve Lukather & Neal Schon]/07. My One and Only Love [feat. George Benson]/08. Moon River [feat. George Benson & Joey DeFrancesco]/09. Why I Sing the Blues [feat. B.B.King & Vince Gill & Keb’Mo’ & Johnny Lan]/10. Daddy Longlicks [feat. Joe Robinson]/11. Shape of My Heart [feat. Steve Lukather & Andy McKee]/12. Drifting [feat. Andy McKee]/13. Freeway Jam [feat. Mike Stern &Tomoyasu Hotei]/14. Fives [feat. Guthrie Govan &Tal Wilkenfeld]/15. Caprices, 0p.20, No.2&7 [feat. Shon Boublil]

2012 – Rhythm Sessions/01. The Village/02. River Man/03. Fat Albert Rotunda/04. 800 Streets by Feet/05. Children’s Songs #1/06. L.A. by Bike/07. Maybe Tomorrow/08. Spam Boo Limbo/09. July/10. Rose Pedals/11. Dolphins Don’t Dance/12. Punta del Soul

2015 – A Twist of Rit/01. Wild Rice/02. Fatback/03. Ooh Yeah/04. W.O.R.K.n’ IT [feat. Weckl, Ozone, Kennedy]/05. A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That/06. Pearl/07. Twist of Rit/08. Countdown/09. Soaring/10. Sweet Syncopation/11. Bullet Train/12. Waltz for Carmen/13. More W.O.R.K. [bonus track]


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