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CD 1

1976 – First Course/01. A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That/02. Sweet Syncopation/03. Theme from ‘Three Days of the Condor’/04. Fatback/05. Memories Past/06. Caterpillar/07. Canticle for the Universe/08. Wild Rice/09. Ohla Maria (Amparo)

1977 – Captain Fingers/01. Captain Fingers/02. Dolphin Dreams/03. Fly by Night/04. Margarita/05. Isn’t She Lovely/06. Space Glide/07. Sun Song

1977 – Gentle Thoughts/01. Captain Caribe – Getaway/02. Chanson/03. Meiso/04. Captain Fingers/05. Feel Like Makin’ Love/06. Gentle Thoughts

1977 – Sugar Loaf Express/01. Sugar Loaf Express/02. Morning Glory/03. That’s the Way of the World/04. Slippin’ in the Back Door/05. Tomorrow/06. Lady Soul

1978 – Friendship/01. Sea Dance/02. Crystal Morning/03. Samurai Night Fever/04. Life is the Song We Sing/05. Woody Creek/06. It’s a Natural Thing

1978 – The Captain’s Journey/01. The Captain’s Journey Part I The Calm/01. The Captain’s Journey Part II The Storm/02. Morning Glory/03. Sugerloaf Express/04. Matchmakers/05. What Do You Want?/06. That’s Enough for Me/07. Etude

1979 – Feel the Night/01. Feel the Night/02. Market Place/03. Wicked Wine/04. French Roast/05. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing/06. Midnight Lady/07. Uh Oh!

1979 – Friendship 2/01. Bullet Train/02. Tighten Up/03. The Situation/04. Let’s Talk About It/05. Here Today Hear Tomorrow/06. Waterwings/07. The Real Thing

1979 – Rio/01. Rainbow/02. San Juan Sunset/03. Rio Funk/04. It Happens Everyday/05. Ipanema Sol/06. Simplicidad/07. A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

1981 – Rit/01. Mr. Briefcase/02. (Just) Tell Me Pretty Lies/03. No Sympathy/04. Is lt You?/05. Dreamwalk/06. Countdown (Captain Fingers)/07. Good Question/08. (You Caught Me) Smilin’/09. On the Slow Glide/10. No Sympathy (Reprise)

1982 – Rit2/01. Cross My Heart/02. Promises, Promises/03. Dreamwalkin’/04. Keep It Alive/05. A Fantasy/06. Tied Up/07. Voices/08. On the Boardwalk/09. Roadrunner/10. Malibu

1983 – On the Line/01. The Rit Variations/02. Starbright/03. On the Line/04. Tush/05. California Roll/06. Heavenly Bodies/07. Pedestrian/08. Dolphin Dreams

1984 – Banded Together/01. Operator (Thief on the Line)/02. Other Love/03. Sunset Drivers/04. Mandela/05. Amaretto/06. Rit Variations II/07. Be Good to Me/08. I’m Not Responsible/09. Shadow Dancing/10. Heavenly Bodies

CD 2

1985 – Harlequin/01. Harlequin/02. Early A.M. Attitude/03. San Ysidro/04. Before It’s Too Late/05. Silent Message/06. Cats of Rio/07. Beyond the Storm/08. Grid-Lock/09. The Bird

1986 – Earth Run/01. Soaring/02. Earth Run/03. If I’m Dreamin’ (Don’t Wake Me)/04. Watercolors/05. The Sauce/06. Butterfly/07. Hero/08. Sanctuary/09. Water from the Moon

1987 – Portrait/01. Asa/02. Turn the Heat Up/03. Windmill/04. White Water/05. Portrait/06. G-Rit/07. Shades in the Shade/08. Children’s Games/09. Runaway/10. Route 17

1988 – Festival/01. Night Rhythms/02. Latin Lovers (Incompatibilidata de Ginios)/03. Humana/04. Rio Sol/05. Waiting for You/06. Odile, Odila (Over Here, Over There)/07. Linda (Voce e Linda)/08. New York – Brazil/09. The Inner Look

1989 – Color Rit/01. Bahia Funk/02. E (It Is)/03. All the Same Tonight/04. Mister Reggae/05. I Can’t Let Go/06. Color Rit/07. The Kiss/08. Malibu/09. Tropical Storm/10. Etude

1990 – Stolen Moments/01. Uptown/02. Stolen Moments/03. 24th Street Blues/04. Haunted Heart/05. Waltz for Carmen/06. St. Bart’s/07. Blue in Green/08. Sometime Ago

1991 – Joyride/01. Joy Ride/02. Love Me Like a Train/03. Not that Kind of Girl/04. Glamour/05. Reprise/06. Midi Citi/07. Scootin’/08. Love Them Buns/09. Numnose

1992 – Wes Bound/01. Wes Bound/02. Boss City/03. 4 on 6/04. A Liitle Bumpin’/05. Waiting in Vain/06. Goin’ on to Detroit/07. A New Day/08. Ocean Ave/09. Road Song/10. West Coast Blues/11. N.Y. Time

1995 – Larry & Lee/01. Crosstown Kids/02. Low Steppin’/03. L.A. Underground/04. Closed Door Jam/05. After the Rain/06. Remembering J.P./07. Fun in the Dark/08. Lots about Nothin’/09. TakeThat/10. Up and Adam/11. Reflection of a Guitar Player

1997 – A Twist of Jobim/01. Water to Drink (Agua de Beber) [Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin]/02. Captain Bacardi [Eric Marienthal, Dave Grusin, & Lee Ritenour]/03. Dindi [El Debarge & Art Porter]/04. Waters of March [AI Jarreau & Oleta Adams]/05. Bonita [Dave Grusin]/06. Stone Flower [Herbie Hancock, Paulinho Da Costa, & Steve Tavaglione]/07. Favela [Lee Ritenour & Eric Marienthal]/08. Children’s Games [Alan Pasqua & Ernie Watts]/09. Lamento [Ernie Watts & Christian McBride]/10. Mojave [Yellowjackets & Lee Ritenour]/11. Girl from Ipanema [AI Jarreau & Oleta Adams]


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