Laid Back 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1981 – Laid Back/01.Roger/02.Bolivia/03.Night Train Boogie/04.Maybe I’m Crazy/05.I Wanna Go Back/06.The Man From The Moon/07.Take Me Home/08.Keep On Movin’/09.China Girl/10.Melody/11.We Don’t Do It (Single ’80)/12.Step Out Of Your Box (Single ’82)/13.We Don’t Do It (Single Edit)/14.Maybe I’m Crazy (Single ’80)

1983 – Keep Smiling/01. Elevator Boy/02. Slowmotion Girl/03. White Horse/04. So Wie So/05. High Society Girl/06. Don’t Be Mean/07. Sunshine Reggae/08. Fly Away Walking In The Sunshine

1985 – Play It Straight/01. Ice Cream Baby/02. White Man/03. Don’t Run From Your Shadow/04. I’m Hooked/05. One Life/06. Abu-Dhabi/07. Play It Straight/08. Do You Know What It’s All About/09. C.C. Cool

1987 – See You In The Lobby/01.It’s A Shame/02.Tricky Kind Of Thing/03.Party At The White House/04.Don’t Run/05.Mr. Pusherman/06.It’s Never Too Late/07.I’M Hooked/08.Make It Beautiful/09.Tell Me The Truth

1990 – Hole In The Sky/01.Bakerman/02.Hole In The Sky/03.Fly With Me/04.Highway Of Love/05.I Walk Proud/06.Bet It On You/07.Too Late To Worry/08.I Wish/09.Raindrops In The Peace Pipe/10.Bygones

1993 – Why Is Everybody In Such A Hurry/01.Hoot Nat Noot/02.East Coast Man/03.I Can’t Live Without Love/04.Groovie Train/05.Island Of K./06.Walk The Blues/07.Why Is Everybody In Such A Hurry!/08.Universe Of Love/09.My Little Fish/10.Years Run Wild/11.Sunqueen/12.New Day/13.Wax Dream

CD 2

1999 – Unfinished Symphonies/01.Key To Life/02.Walking/03.Pop The Question/04.Cool Down Max/05.Live Again/06.Feel’s Like Heaven/07.Unfinished Synphony/08.Do-Di-Di/09.If/10.Interface

2005 – Happy Dreamer/01.People/02.Universe Lovesong/03.Groovin’ On A Feeling/04.Once/05.Never Too Late To Learn To Fly/06.Happy Dreamer/07.Whenever You Want Me/08.Didn’t You Know/09.Slow Friday/10.Beautiful Day/11.Blue Lagoon

2011 – Cosmic Vibes/01. Cosmic Vibes/02. Slow Friday/03. Gold Top/04. Ultramarine Blues/05. Yellow Sunday/06. Blue Lagoon Instrumental/07. Ultramarine Blues Revisted/08. Cosmic Research

2012 – Cosyland/01.Cosyland Video Edit/02.Get Laid Back/03.Cocaine Cool Extended Vol2/04.101 Part Two/05.Cosyland

2013 – Uptimistic Music/CD1 – 01. Clear Your Mind/02. Make Your Day/03. Oochi Gucci/04. Don’t Step On The Grass/05. Rocketship To Mars/06. Uptimistic Music/07. Around The Park/08. Let The Music Do The Talking/09. Supercool Funky Lady/10. Time To Live/CD2 – 01. Don’t Shoot The Sun Down/02. Pitter Patter/03. Feel The Way You Do/04. Interconti/05. Brother/06. We Dont Need No Bad Vibrations/07. Fuck/08. Going Where Living Is Easy/09. Cool Down Lover (Simple Life)/10. Up To You

2019 – Healing Feeling/01. Give It Free/02. Keep On Loving/03. Love Is A Flower/04. Walk With The Dreamers/05. Healing Feeling/06. Enjoy The Vibes/07. Number One/08. Next Life/09. Deep Inside Your Mind/10. I’m The Shy Guy/11. House Of The Rising Sun


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