Krokus 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1976 – Krokus/01. Majale/02. Angela Parti/03. Energy/04. Mostsaphin/05. No Way/06. Eventide Clockworks/07. Freak Dream/08. Jumpin’ In/09. Insalata Mysta/10. Angela Part 2/11. Just Like Everyday

1977 – To You All/01. Highway Song/02. To You All/03. Festival/04. Move It On/05. Mr. Greedy/06. Lonesome Rider/07. Protection/08. Trying Hard/09. Don’t Stop Playing/10. Take It, Don’t Leave It

1978 – Pay It In Metal/01. Killer/02. Werewolf/03. Rock Ladies/04. Bad Love/05. Get Out Of My Mind/06. Rock Me, Rock You/07. Deadline/08. Susie/09. Pay It!/10. Bye Bye Baby

1980 – Metal Rendez-vous/01. Heatstrokes/02. Bedside Radio/03. Come On/04. Streamer/05. Shy Kid/06. Tokyo Nights/07. Lady Double Dealer/08. Fire/09. No Way/10. Back-Seat Rock ‘n’ Roll

1981 – Hardware/01. Celebration/02. Easy Rocker/03. Smelly Nelly/04. Mr. 69/05. She’s Got Everything/06. Burning Bones/07. Rock City/08. Winning Man/09. Mad Racket

1982 – One Vice At A Time/01. Long Stick Goes Boom/02. Bad Boys, Rag Dolls/03. Playin’ The Outlaw/04. To The Top/05. Down The Drain/06. American Woman/07. I’m On The Run/08. Save Me/09. Rock ‘n’ Roll

1983 – Headhunter/01. Headhunter/02. Eat The Rich/03. Screaming In The Night/04. Ready To Burn/05. Night Wolf/06. Stayed Awake All Night/07. Stand And Be Counted/08. White Din/09. Russian Winter

1984 – The Blitz/01. Midnite Maniac/02. Out Of Control/03. Boys Nite Out/04. Our Love/05. Out To Lunch/06. Ballroom Blitz/07. Rock The Nation/08. Hot Stuff/09. Ready To Rock

1986 – Change of Address/01. Now/02. Hot Shot City/03. School’s Out/04. Let This Love Begin/05. Burning Up The Night/06. Say Goodbye/07. World On Fire/08. Hard Luck Hero/09. Long Way From Home

1988 – Heart Attack/01. Everybody Rocks/02. Wild Love/03. Let It Go/04. Winning Man/05. Axx Attack/06. Rock ‘n’ Roll Tonight/07. Flyin’ High/08. Shoot Down The Night/09. Bad, Bad, Girl/10. Speed Up


CD 2

1990 – Stampede/01. Stampede/02. Electric Man/03. Rock ‘n Roll Gypsy/04. Shotgun Boogie/05. Nova-Zano/06. Street Love/07. Good Times/08. She Drives Me Crazy/09. In The Heat Of The Night/10. Rhytm Of Love/11. Wasteland

1995 – To Rock Or Not To Be/01. Lion Heart/02. Flying Through The Night/03. To Rock Or Not To Be/04. In The Dead Of The Night/05. Natural Blonde/06. Doggy Style/07. Talking Like A Shotgun/08. Soul To Soul/09. Stop The World/10. You Ain’t Got The Guts To Do It/11. Wagon Gone/12. Stormy Nights/13. You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet – Chesslete

1999 – Round 13/01. Heya/02. Money Back/03. Break Free/04. Guitar Rules/05. Blood Comes Easy/06. Suck My Guitar/07. Gypsy Love/08. Whitchhunt/09. Backstabber/10. Wild Times

2003 – Rock The Block/01. Mad World/02. Leading The Pack/03. I Want It All/04. Open Fire/05. One For All/06. Looking To America/07. Go My Way/08. Hot Shot/09. Raise Your Hands/10. Night Of The Snakes/11. Throwing Her China/12. We’ll Rise/13. Freedom/14. Rock The Block

2006 – Hellraiser/01. Hellraiser/02. Too Wired To Sleep/03. Hangman/04. Angel Of My Dreams/05. Fight On/06. So Long/07. Spirit Of The Night/08. Midnite Fantasy/09. No Risk No Gain/10. Turnin’ Inside Out/11. Take My Love/12. Justice/13. Love Will Survive/14. Rocks Off!/15. Hellraiser (Live) (Bonus Track)

2010 – Hoodoo/01. Drive It In/02. Hoodoo Woman/03. Born To Be Wild/04. Rock N’ Roll Handshake/05. Ride Into The Sun/06. Too Hot/07. In My Blood/08. Dirty Street/09. Keep Me Rolling/10. Shot Of Love/11. Firestar

2013 – Dirty Dynamite/01. Hallelujah Rock N’ Roll/02. Go Baby Go/03. Rattlesnake Rumble/04. Dirty Dynamite/05. Let The Good Times Roll/06. Help/07. Better Than Sex/08. Doeg Song/09. Yellow Mary/10. Bailout Blues/11. Live Ma Life/12. Hardrocking Man

2017 – Big Rocks/01. N.I.B./02. Tie Your Mother Down/03. My Generation/04. Wild Thing/05. The House of the Rising Sun/06. Rockin’ in the Free World/07. Gimme Some Lovin’/08. Whole Lotta Love/09. Summertime Blues/10. Born to Be Wild/11. Quinn the Eskimo/12. Jumpin’ Jack Flash/13. Back Seat Rock’n Roll


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