Kings of Leon [mp3]


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2003 – Youth & Young Manhood/01. Red Morning Light/02. Happy Alone/03. Wasted Time/04. Joe’s Head/05. Trani/06. California Waiting/07. Spiral Staircase/08. Molly’s Chambers/09. Genius/10. Dusty/11. Holy Roller Novocaine

2006 – Aha Shake Heartbreak/01. Slow Night, So Long/02. King Of The Rodeo/03. Taper Jean Girl/04. Pistol Of Fire/05. Milk/06. The Bucket/07. Soft/08. Razz/09. Day Old Blues/10. Four Kicks/11. Velvet Snow/12. Rememo

2007 – Because Of The Times/01. Knocked Up/02. Charmer/03. On Call/04. McFearless/05. Black Thumbnail/06. My Party/07. True Love Way/08. Ragoo/09. Fans/10. The Runner/11. Trunk/12. Camaro/13. Arizona

2008 – Only By The Night/01. Closer/02. Crawl/03. Sex On Fire/04. Use Somebody/05. Manhattan/06. Revelry/07. 17/08. Notion/09. I Want You/10. Be Somebody/11. Cold Desert

2010 – Come Around Sundown/1. The End/02. Radioactive/03. Pyro/04. Mary/05. The Face/06. The Immortals/07. Back Down South/08. Beach Side/09. No Money/10. Pony Up/11. Birthday/12. Mi Amigo/13. Pickup Truck

2013 – Mechanical Bull/01. Supersoaker/02. Rock City/03. Don’t Matter/04. Beautiful War/05. Temple/06. Wait For Me/07. Family Tree/08. Comeback Story/09. Tonight/10. Coming Back Again/11. On The Chin/12. Work On Me (Bonus Track)/13. Last Mile Home (Bonus Track)

2016 – Walls/01. Waste a Moment/02. Reverend/03. Around the World/04. Find Me/05. Over/06. Muchacho/07. Conversation Piece/08. Eyes on You/09. Wild/10. WALLS


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