Jean Michel Jarre 2ч2cd [mp3]




CD 1

2001 – Interior Music/01. Bonjour-Hello/02. Whispers of Life

2002 – Sessions 2000/01. January 24/02. March 23/03. May 1/04. June 21/05. September 14/06. December 17

2003 – Geometry of Love/01. Pleasure Principle/02. Geometry Of Love part 1/03. Soul Intrusion/04. Electric Flesh/05. Skin Paradox/06. Velvet Road/07. Near Djainia/08. Geometry Of Love part 2

2007 – Oxygène New Master Recording/Part 1-6

2007 – Teo & Tea/01. Fresh News/02. Teo & Tea/03. Beautiful Agony/04. Touch To Remember/05. Ok, Do It Fast/06. Partners In Crime 1/07. Partners In Crime 2/08. Chatterbox/09. In The Mood For You/10. Gossip/11. Vintage/12. Melancholic Rodeo/13. Teo & Tea 4-00 Am

2015 – Electronica 1- The Time Machine/01. The Time Machine (with Boys Noize)/02. Glory (with M83)/03. Close Your Eyes (with Air)/04. Automatic (Part 1) (with Vince Clarke)/05. Automatic (Part 2) (with Vince Clarke)/06. If..! (with Little Boots)/07. Immortals (with Fuck Buttons)/08. Suns Have Gone (with Moby)/09. Conquistador (with Gesaffelstein)/10. Travelator (Part 2) (with Pete Townshend)/11. Zero Gravity (with Tangerine Dream)/12. Rely On Me (with Laurie Anderson)/13. Stardust (with Armin van Buuren)/14. Watching You (with 3D (Massive Attack)/15. A Question Of Blood (with John Carpenter)/16. The Train &The River (with Lang Lang)

2016 – Electronica 2 – The Heart Of Noise/01. The Heart Of Noise, Pt. 1 (With Rone)/02. The Heart Of Noise, Pt. 2/03. Brick England (With Pet Shop Boys)/04. These Creatures (With Julia Holter)/05. As One (With Primal Scream)/06. Here For You (With Gary Numan)/07. Electrees (With Hans Zimmer)/08. Exit (With E.S.)/09. What You Want (With Peaches)/10. Gisele (With Sebastian Tellier)/11. Swithc On Leon (With The Orb)/12. Circus (With Siriusmo)/13. Why This, Why That And Why (With Yello)/14. The Architect (With Jeff Mills)/15. Swipe To The Right (With Cyndi Lauper)/16. Walking The Mile (With Christophe)/17. Falling Down/18. The Heart Of Noise (The Origin)


CD 2

2016 – Oxygene 3/Part 14-20

2018 – Equinoxe Infinity/01. The Watchers (Movement 1)/02. Flying Totems (Movement 2)/03. Robots Don’t Cry (Movement 3)/04. All That You Leave Behind (Movement 4)/05. If The Wind Could Speak (Movement 5)/06. Infinity (Movement 6)/07. Machines Are Learning (Movement 7)/08. The Opening (Movement 8)/09. Don’t Look Back (Movement 9)/10. Equinoxe Infinity (Movement 10)/11. Continous Mix

2019 – Snapshots from EON/CD1 – 01. Snapshot 1 from EON/02. Snapshot 2 from EON/CD2 – 01. Snapshot 3 from EON

2021 – Amazônia/Amazônia, Pt. 1-9


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