Green Day 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1990 – 39 Smooth/01. At The Library With Waba Se Wasca/02. Don’t Leave Me/03. I Was There/04. Disappearing Boy/05. Green Day/06. Going To Pasalacqua/07. 16/08. Road To Acceptance/09. Rest/10. The Judge’s Daughter

1992 – Kerplunk!/01. 2000 Light Years Away/02. One for the Razorbacks/03. Welcome to Paradise/04. Christie Road/05. Private Ale/06. Dominated Love Slave/07. One of My Lies/08. 80/09. Android/10. No One Knows/11. Who Wrote Holden Caulfield/12. Words I Might Have Ate/13. Sweet Children/14. Best Thing in Town/15. Strangeland/16. My Generation

1994 – Dookie/01. Burnout/02. Having A Blast/03. Chump/04. Long View/05. Welcome To Paradise/06. Pulling Teeth/07. Basket Case/08. She/09. Sassafras Roots/10. When I Come Around/11. Coming Clean/12. Emenius Sleepus/13. In The End/14. F.O.D.

1995 – Insomniac/01. Armatage Shanks/02. Brat/03. Stuck With Me/04. Geek Stink Breath/05. No Pride/06. Bab’s Uvula Who/07. 86/08. Panic Song/09. Stuart And The Ave./10. Brain Stew/11. Jaded/12. Westbound Sign/13. Tight Wad Hill/14. Walking Contradiction

1997 – Nimrod/01. Nice Guys Finish Last/02. Hitchin’ A Ride/03. The Grouch/04. Redundant/05. Scattered/06. All The Time/07. Worry Rock/08. Platypus (I Hate You)/09. Uptight/10. Last Ride In/11. Jinx/12. Haushinka/13. Walking Alone/14. Reject/15. Take Back/16. King For A Day/17. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)/18. Prosthetic Head

2000 – Warning/01. Warning/02. Blood, Sex and Booze/03. Church On Sunday/04. Fashion Victim/05. Castaway/06. Misery/07. Deadbeat Holiday/08. Hold On/09. Jackass/10. Waiting/11. Minority/12. Macy’s Day Parade

2004 – American idiot/01. American Idiot/02. Jesus Of Suburbia/03. Holiday/04. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams/05. Are We The Waiting/06. St. Jimmy/07. Give Me Novacaine/08. She’s A Rebel/09. Extraordinary Girl/10. Letterbomb/11. Wake Me Up When September Ends/12. Homecoming/13. Whatsername/14. Favorite Son (Bonus Track)


CD 2

2009 – 21st Century Breakdown/01. Song Of The Century/02. 21st Century Breakdown/03. Know Your Enemy/04. Viva La Gloria!/05. Before The Lobotomy/06. Christians Inferno/07. Last Night On Earth/08. East Jesus Nowhere/09. Peacemaker/10. Last Of The American Girls/11. Murder City/12. Viva La Gloria (Little Girl)/13. Restless Heart Syndrome/14. Horseshoes And Handgrenades/15. The Static Age/16. 21 Guns/17. American Eulogy/18. See The Light/19. Lights Out

2012 – ¡ Uno!/01. Nuclear Family/02. Stay The Night/03. Carpe Diem/04. Let Yourself Go/05. Kill The DJ/06. Feel For You/07. Loss Of Control/08. Troublemaker/09. Angel Blue/10. Sweet 16/11. Rusty James/12. Oh Love

2012 – ¡Dos!/01. See You Tonight/02. Fuck Time/03. Stop When the Red Lights Flash/04. Lazy Bones/05. Wild One/06. Makeout Party/07. Stray Heart/08. Ashley/09. Baby Eyes/10. Lady Cobra/11. Nightlife/12. Wow! That’s Loud13. Amy

2012 – ¡Tré!/01. Brutal Love/02. Missing You/03. 8th Avenue Serenade/04. Drama Queen/05. X-Kid/06. Sex, Drugs & Violence/07. A Little Boy Named Train/08. Amanda/09. Walk Away/10. Dirty Rotten Bastards/11. 99 Revolutions/12. The Forgotten

2016 – Revolution Radio/01. Somewhere Now/02. Bang Bang/03. Revolution Radio/04. Say Goodbye/05. Outlaws/06. Bouncing Off The Wall/07. Still Breathing/08. Youngblood/09. Too Dumb To Die/10. Troubled Times/11. Forever Now/12. Ordinary World

2020 – Father Of All Motherfuckers/01. Father of All…/02. Fire, Ready, Aim/03. Oh Yeah!/04. Meet Me on the Roof/05. I Was a Teenage Teenager/06. Stab You in the Heart/07. Sugar Youth/08. Junkies on a High/09. Take the Money and Crawl/10. Graffitia


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