Grave Digger 1ч2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1984 – Heavy Metal Breakdown/01. Headbanging Man/02. Heavy Metal Breakdown/03. Back From The War/04. Yesterday/05. We Wanna Rock You/06. Legion Of The Lost/07. Tyrant/08. 2000 Lightyears From Home/09. Heart Attack/10. Violence/11. Shoot Her Down/12. We Wanna Rock You/13. Storming The Brain/14. Shine On/15. Tears Of Blood/16. Don’t Kill The Children/17. Girls Of Rock And Roll/18. Stronger Than Ever/19. I Don’t Need Your Love

1985 – Witch Hunter/01. Witch Hunter/02. Night Drifter/03. Get Ready For Power/04. Love Is Game/05. Get Away/06. Fight For Freedom/07. School’s Out/08. Friends Of Mine/09. Here I Stand

1986 – Stronger Than Ever/01. Wanna Get Close/02. Don’t Leave Me Lonely/03. Stronger Than Ever/04. Moonriders/05. Lay It On/06. I Don’t Need Your Love/07. Listen To The Music/08. Stay Till The Morning/09. Stand Up And Rock/10. Shadows Of The Past

1986 – War Games/01. Keep On Rocking/02. Heaven Can Wait/03. Fire In Your Eyes/04. Let Your Heads Roll/05. Love Is Breaking My Heart/06. Paradise/07. (Enola Gay) Drop The Bomb/08. Fallout/09. Playin’ Fools/10. The End

1993 – The Reaper/01. Tribute To Death/02. The Reaper/03. Ride On/04. Shadows Of A Moonless Night/05. Play Your Game (And Kill)/06. Wedding Day/07. Spy Of Mas’On/08. Under My Flag/09. Fight The Fight/10. Legion Of The Lost (Part II)/11. And The Devil Plays Piano/12. Ruler Mr. H./13. The Madness Continues

1995 – Heart Of Darkness/01. Tears Of Madness/02. Shadowmaker/03. The Grave Dancer/04. Demon’s Day/05. Warchild/06. Heart Of Darkness/07. Hate/08. Circle Of Witches/09. Black Death/10. Dolphin’s Cry/11. Don’t Bring Me Down (bonus track)


CD 2

1997 – Tunes Of War/01. The Brave/02. Scotland United/03. The Dark Of The Sun/04. William Wallace (Braveheart)/05. The Bruce (The Lion King)/06. The Battle Of Flodden/07. The Ballad Of Mary (Queen Of Scots)/08. The Truth/09. Cry For Freedom (James The VI)/10. Killing Time/11. Rebellion (The Clans Are Marching)/12. Culloden Muir/13. The Fall Of Brave/14. Heavy Metal Breakdown (Bonus Track)/15. Witchhunter (Bonus Track)/16. Headbanging Man (Bonus Track)

1998 – Knights Of The Cross/01. Deus lo Bult/02. Knights Of The Cross/03. Monks Of War/04. Heroes Of This Time/05. Fanatic Assasins/06. Lionheart/07. The Keeper of The Holy Grail/08. Inquisition/09. Baphomet/10. Over The Sea/11. The Crurse of Jacques/12. The Battle Of Bannockburn/13. Kill The King (Rainbow cover)/14. Children of The Grave (Black Sabbath cover)

1999 – Excalibur/01. The Secrets Of Merlin/02. Pendragon/03. Excalibur/04. The Round Table (Forever)/05. Morgane Le Fay/06. The Spell/07. Tristan’s Fate/08. Lancelot/09. Mordred’s Song/10. The Final War/11. Emerald Eyes/12. Avalon/13. Parcival

2001 – The Grave Digger/01. Son Of Evil/02. The Grave Digger/03. Raven/04. Scythe Of Time/05. Spirits Of The Dead/06. The House/07. King Pest/08. Sacred Fire/09. Funeral Procession/10. Haunted Palace/11. Silence/12. Running Free (Iron Maiden cover)

2003 – Rheingold/01. The Ring/02. Rheingold/03. Valhalla/04. Giants/05. Maidens Of War/06. Sword/07. Dragon/08. Liar/09. Murderer/10. Twilight Of The Gods/11. Goodbye/12. No Quarter


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