Godsmack [mp3]


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1998 – Godsmack/01. Moon Baby/02. Whatever/03. Keep Away/04. Time Bomb/05. Bad Religion/06. Immune/07. Someone in London/08. Get Up, Get Out!/09. Now or Never/10. Stress/11. Situation/12. Goin’ Down/13. Bad Magick/14. Voodoo

2000 – Awake/01. Sick of Life/02. Awake/03. Greed/04. Bad Magick/05. Goin’ Down/06. Mistakes/07. Trippin’/08. Forgive Me/09. Vampires/10. The Journey/11. Spiral/12. Why (ft. Lisa Guyer) (Acoustic version)/13. Sweet Leaf (Black Sabbath Cover)

2003 – Faceless/01. Straight Out of Line/02. Faceless/03. Changes/04. Make Me Believe/05. I Stand Alone/06. Re-Align/07. I Fucking Hate You/08. Releasing the Demons/09. Dead and Broken/10. I Am/11. The Awakening/12. Serenity

2006 – IV/01. Livin In Sin/02. Speak/03. The Enemy/04. Shine Down/05. Hollow/06. No Rest For The Wicked/07. Bleeding Me/08. Woodoo Too/09. Temptation/10. Mama/11. One Rainy Day/12. Safe And Sound

2010 – The Oracle/01. Cryin’ Like a Bitch/02. Saints and Sinners/03. War and Peace/04. Love-Hate-Sex-Pain/05. What If?/06. Devil’s Swing/07. Good Day to Die/08. Forever Shamed/09. Shadow of a Soul/10. The Oracle/11. Whiskey Hangover/12. I Blame You

2014 – 1000hp/01. 1000hp/02. FML/03. Something Different/04. What’s Next?/05. Generation Day/06. Locked & Loaded/07. Living’ in the Gray/08. I Don’t Belong/09. Nothing Comes Easy/10. Turning to Stone/11. Life Is Good!

2018 – When Legends Rise/01. When Legends Rise/02. Bulletproof/03. Unforgettable/04. Every Part of Me/05. Take It to the Edge/06. Under Your Scars/07. Someday/08. Just One Time/09. Say My Name/10. Let It Out/11. Eye of the Storm


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