Freddie Mercury [mp3]


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1985 – Mr. Bad Guy/01. Let’s Turn It On/02. Made In Heaven/03. I Was Born To Love You/04. Foolin’ Around/05. Your Kind Of Lover/06. Mr. Bad Guy/07. Man Made Paradise/08. There Must Be More To Life Than This/09. Living On My Own/10. My Love Is Dangerous/11. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow/12. Let’s Turn It On a 2′ Mix)/13. I Was Born To Love You (12’ Version)/14. Living On My Own (12′ Version)/15. She Blows Me Hot And Cold (Extended 12′ Mix)/16. Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow (Extended 12′ Mix)/17. Made In Heaven (Extended 12′ Mix)

1988 – Barcelona/01. Barcelona/02. La Japonaise/03. The Fallen Priest/04. Ensueno/05. The Golden Boy/06. Guide Me Home/07. How Can I Go On/08. Overture Piccante

1992 – The Freddie Mercury Album/01. The Great Pretender/02. Foolin’ Around/03. Time/04. Your Kind Of Lover/05. Exercises In Free Love/06. In My Defence/07. Mr. Bad Guy/08. Let’s Turn It On/09. Living On My Own/10. Love Kills/11. Barcelona

1993 – Remixes/01. Living on my own (No More Brothers extended Mix)/02. Time (Nile Rodgers 1992 remix)/03. Love Kills (Wolf Euro mix)/04. The Great Pretender (Malouf mix)/05. My Love is Dangerous (Jeff Lord-Alge mix)/06. Living on my Own (Roger S mix)


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