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1995 – Foo Fighters/01. This Is A Call/02. I’ll Stick Around/03. Big Me/04. Alone + Easy Target/05. Good Grief/06. Floaty/07. Weenie Beenie/08. Oh, George/09. For All The Cows/10. X-Static/11. Wattershed/12. Exhausted

1997 – The Colour And The Shape/01. Doll/02. Monkey Wrench/03. Hey, Johnny Park!/04. My Poor Brain/05. Wind Up/06. Up In Arms/07. My Hero/08. See You/09. Enough Space/10. February Stars/11. Everlong/12. Walking After You/13. New Way Home

1999 – There Is Nothing Left To Lose/01. Stacked Actors/02. Breakout/03. Learn To Fly/04. Gimme Stitches/05. Generator/06. Aurora/07. Live-In Skin/08. Next Year/09. Headwires/10. Ain’t It The Life/11. M.I.A.

2002 – One By One/01. All My Life/02. Low/03. Have It All/04. Times Like These/05. Disenchanted Lullaby/06. Tired Of You/07. Halo/08. Lonely As You/09. Overdrive/10. Burn Away/11. Come Back

2005 – In Your Honor/CD1 – 01. In Your Honor/02. No Way Back/03. Best Of You/04. DOA/05. Hell/06. The Last Song/07. Free Me/08. Resolve/09. The Deepest Blues Are Black/10. End Over End/CD2 – 01. Still/02. What If I Do/03. Miracle/04. Another Round/05. Friend Of A Friend/06. Over And Out/07. On The Mend/08. Virginia Moon/09. Cold Day In The Sun/10. Razor

2007 – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace/01. The Pretender/02. Let It Die/03. EraseReplace/04. Long Road To Ruin/05. Come Alive/06. Stranger Things Have Happened/07. Cheer Up, Boys/08. Summer’s End/09. Ballad Of The Beaconsfield Miners/10. Statues/11. But, Honestly/12. Home

2011 – Wasting Light/01. Bridge Burning/02. Rope/03. Dear Rosemary/04. White Limo/05. Arlandria/06. These Days/07. Back & Forth/08. A Matter Of Time/09. Miss The Misery/10. I Should Have Known/11. Walk

2014 – Sonic Highways/01. Something From Nothing/02. The Feast And The Famine/03. Congregation/04. What Did I Do – God As My Witness/05. Outside/06. In The Clear/07. Subterranean/08. I Am A River

2015 – Saint Cecilia/01 – Saint Cecilia/02 – Sean/03 – Savior Breath/04 – Iron Rooster/05 – The Neverending Sigh

2017 – Concrete And Gold/01. T-Shirt/02. Run/03. Make It Right/04. The Sky Is A Neighborhood/05. La Dee Da/06. Dirty Water/07. Arrows/08. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour)/09. Sunday Rain/10. The Line/11. Concrete And Gold

2021 – Medicine at Midnight/01. Making A Fire/02. Shame Shame/03. Cloudspotter/04. Waiting On A War/05. Medicine At Midnight/06. No Son Of Mine/07. Holding Poison Chasing Birds Love Dies Young


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