Five Finger Death Punch [mp3]


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2007 – The Way Of The Fist/01. Ashes/02. The Way Of The Fist/03. Salvation/04. The Bleeding/05. A Place To Die/06. The Devil’s Own/07. White Knuckles/08. Can’t Heal You/09. Death Before Dishonor/10. Meet The Monster/11. Never Enough/12. Stranger Than Fiction/13. The Bleeding (Acoustic)/14. The Devil’s Own (Live)

2009 – War Is The Answer/01. Dying Breed/02. Hard To See/03. Bulletproof/04. No One Gets Left Behind/05. Crossing Over/06. Burn It Down/07. Far From Home/08. Falling In Hate/09. My Own Hell/10. Walk Away/11. Canto 34/12. Bad Company/13. War Is The Answer/14. Succubus/15. Undone

2011 – American Capitalist/01. American Capitalist/02. Under And Over It/03. The Pride/04. Coming Down/05. Menace/06. Generation Dead/07. Back For More/08. Remember Everything/09. Wicked Ways/10. If I Fall/11. 100 Ways To Hate/12. A New Level [Bonus Track]/13. The Tragic Truth

2013 – The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1/01. Lift Me Up (featuring Rob Halford of Judas Priest)/02. Watch You Bleed/03. You/04. Wrong Side Of Heaven/05. Burn MF/06 I.M.Sin/07. Anywhere But Here (featuring Maria Brink)/08. Dot Your Eyes/09. M.I.N.E (End This Way)/10. Mama Said Knock You Out (featuring Tech N9ne)/11. Diary Of A Deadman/12. I.M.Sin (featuring Max Cavalera)/13. Anywhere But Here (Duet with Maria Brink of In This Moment)/14. Dot Your Eyes (featuring Jamey Jasta)

2013 – The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 2/01. Here To Die/02. Weight Beneath My Sin/03. Wrecking Ball/04. Battle Born/05. Cradle To The Grave/06. Matter Of Time/07. The Agony Of Regret/08. Cold/09. Let This Go/10. My Heart Lied/11. A Day In My Life/12. House Of The Rising Sun

2015 – Got Your Six/01. Got Your Six/02. Jekyll And Hyde/03. Wash It All Away/04. Ain’t My Last Dance/05. My Nemesis/06. No Sudden Movement/07. Question Everything/08. Hell To Pay/09. Diggin’ My Own Grave/10. Meet My Maker/11. Boots And Blood/12. You’re Not My Kind/13. This Is My War/14. I Apologize/15. Jekyll and Hyde (voicemail) (Hidden Track)

2018 – And Justice For None/01. Trouble (Bonus Track)/02. Fake/03. Top Of The World/04. Sham Pain/05. Blue On Black/06. Fire In The Hole/07. I Refuse/08. It Doesn’t Matter/09. When The Seasons Change/10. Stuck In My Ways/11. Rock Bottom/12. Gone Away/13. Bloody/14. Will The Sun Ever Rise/15. Bad Seed/16. Save Your Breath

2020 – F8/01. F8/02. Inside Out/03. Full Circle/04. Living the Dream/05. A Little Bit Off/06. Bottom of the Top/07. To Be Alone/08. Mother May I (Tic Toc)/09. Darkness Settles In/10. This Is War/11. Leave It All Behind/12. Scar Tissue/13. Brighter Side of Grey/14. Making Monsters (Bonus)/15. Death Punch Therapy (Bonus)/16. Inside Out (Radio Edit) (Bonus)


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