Fear Factory 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1992 – Soul Of A New Machine/01. Martyr/02. Leechmaster/03. Scapegoat/04. Crisis/05. Crash Test/06. Flesh Hold/07. Lifeblind/08. Scumgrief/09. Natividad/10. Big God Raped Souls/11. Arise Above Oppression/12. Self Immolation/13. Suffer Age/14. W.O.E./15. Desecrate/16. Escape Confusion/17. Manipulation

1995 – Demanufacture/01. Demanufacture/02. Self Bias Resistor/03. Zero Signal/04. Replica/05. New Breed/06. Dog Day Sunrise/07. Body Hammer/08. Flashpoint/09. H-K (Hunter-Killer)/10. Pisschrist/11. A Therapy For Pain/12. Your Mistake/13. Resistancia!/14. New Breed (Revolutionary Designed Mix)/15. Replica (Electric Sheep Mix)

1998 – Obsolete/01. Shock/02. Edgecrusher/03. Smasher – Devourer/04. Securitron (Police State 2000)/05. Descent/06. Hi-Tech Hate/07. Freedom Or Fire/08. Obsolete/09. Resurrection/10. Timelessness/11. Cars/12. 0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)/13. Soulwound/14. Messiah/15. Concreto

2001 – Digimortal/01. What Will Become/02. Damaged/03. Digimortal/04. No One/05. Linchpin/06. Invisible Wounds (Dark Bodies)/07. Acres Of Skin/08. Back The Fuck Up/09. Byte Block/10. Hurt Conveyor/11. (Memory Imprints) Never End/12. Dead Man Walking/13. Strain Vs. Resistance/14. Repentance/15. Full Metal Contact

2002 – Concrete/01. Big God Raped Souls/02. Arise Above Oppression/03. Concrete/04. Crisis/05. Escape Confusion/06. Sangre De Nicos/07. Soulwomb/08. Echoes Of Innocence/09. Dragged Down By The Weight Of Existence/10. Deception/11. Desecrate/12. Suffer Age/13. Anxiety/14. Self Immolation/15. Piss Christ/16. Ulceration


CD 2

2004 – Archetype/01. Slave Labour/02. Cyberwaste/03. Act of God/04. Drones/05. Archetype/06. Corporate Cloning/07. Bite The Hand That Bleeds/08. Undercurrent/09. Default Judgement/10. Bonescraper/11. Human Shields/12. Ascension/13. School/14. Archetype Remix

2005 – Transgression/01. 540,000′ Fahrenheit/02. Transgression/03. Spinal Compression/04. Contagion/05. Empty Vision/06. Echo Of My Scream/07. Supernova/08. New Promise/09. 1 Will Follow/10. Millennium/11. Moment Of Impact/12. Slave Labor (Live)/13. Cyber Waste (Live)/14. Drones (Live)

2010 – Mechanize/01. Mechanize/02. Industrial Discipline/03. Fear Campaign/04. Powershifter/05. Christploitation/06. Oxidizer/07. Controlled Demolition/08. Designing The Enemy/09. Metallic Division/10. Final Exit/11. Crash Test/12. Big God (Demo)/13. Self Immolation (Demo)/14. Soul Wound (Demo)

2012 – The Industrialist/01. The Industrialist/02. Recharger/03. New Messiah/04. God Eater/05. Depraved Mind Murder/06. Virus Of Faith/07. Difference Engine/08. Disassemble/09. Religion Is Flawed Because Man Is Flawed/10. Human Augmentation/11. Blush Response [Difference Engine Remix]/12. Landfill (Bonus Track)/13. Timelessness II

2015 – Genexus/01. Autonomous Combat System/02. Anodized/03. Dielectric/04. Soul Hacker/05. Protomech/06. Genexus/07. Church of Execution/08. Regenerate/09. Battle for Utopia/10. Expiration Date/11. Mandatory Sacrifice (Genexus Remix)/12. Enhanced Reality/13. Maximum Voltage Capacitor (Dielectric Remix)


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