Faith No More [mp3]


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1985 – We Care A Lot/01. We Care A Lot/02. The Jungle/03. Mark Bowen/04. Jim/05. Why Do You Bother/06. Greed/07. Pills For Breakfast/08. As The Worm Turns/09. Arabian Disco/10. New Beginnings

1987 – Introduce Yourself/01. Faster Disco/02. Anne’s Song/03. Introduce Yourself/04. Chinese Arithmetic/05. Death March/06. We Care A Lot/07. R N’ R/08. The Crab Song/09. Blood/10. Spirit

1989 – The Real Thing/01. From Out Of Nowhere/02. Epic/03. Falling To Pieces/04. Surprise! You’re Dead!/05. Zombie Eaters/06. The Real Thing/07. Underwater Love/08. The Morning After/09. Woodpecker Fom Mars/10. War Pigs/11. Edge Of The World

1992 – Angel Dust/01. Land Of Sunshine/02. Caffeine/03. Midlife Crisis/04. RV/05. Smaller And Smaller/06. Everything’s Ruined/07. Malpractice/08. Kindergarten/09. Be Aggressive/10. A Small Victory/11. Crack Hitler/12. Jizzlobber/13. Midnight Cowboy/14. Easy/15. As The Worm Turns

1995 – King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime/CD 1 – 01. Get Out/02. Ricochet/03. Evidence/04. The Gentle Art Of Making Enemies/05. Star A.D./06. Cuckoo For Caca/07. Caralho Voador/08. Ugly In The Morning/09. Digging The Grave/10. Take This Bottle/11. King For A Day/12. What A Day/13. The Last To Know/14. Just A Man/ CD 2 – B Sides And Alternate Versions/01. The Morning After/02. Das Schutzenfest/03. Malpractice/04. RV (Live)/05. A Small Victory (Youth Remix)/06. Absolute Zero

1997 – Album Of The Year/01. Collision/02. Stripsearch/03. Last Cup Of Sorrow/04. Naked In Front Of The Computer/05. Helpless/06. Mouth To Mouth/07. Ashes To Ashes/08. She Loves Me Not/09. Got That Feeling/10. Paths Of Glory/11. Home Sick Home/12. Pristina/13. Light Up And Let Go/14. Big Kahuna

2015 – Sol Invictus/01. Sol Invictus/02. Superhero/03. Sunny Side Up/04. Separation Anxiety/05. Cone Of Shame/06. Rise Of The Fall/07. Black Friday/08. Motherfucker/09. Matador/10. From The Dead/11. Superhero Battaglia


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