Evergrey 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1998 – The Dark Discovery/01. Blackened Dawn/02. December 25th/03. Dark Discovery/04. As Light Is Our Darkness/05. Beyond Salvation/06. Closed Eyes/07. Trust And Betrayal/08. Shadowed/09. When The River Calls/10. For Every Tears That Falls/11. To Hope Is To Fear

1999 – Solitude • Dominance • Tragedy/01. Solitude Within/02. Nosferatu/03. The Shocking Truth/04. A Scattered Me/05. She Speaks to the Dead/06. When Darkness Falls/07. Words Mean Nothing Damnation The Corey Curse

2001 – In Search Of Truth/01. The Masterplan/02. Rulers Of The Mind/03. Watching The Skies/04. State Of Paralysis/05. The Encounter/06. Mark Of The Triangle/07. Dark Waters/08. Different Worlds/09. Misled

2003 – Recreation Day/01. The Great Deceiver/02. End Of Your Days/03. As I Lie Here Bleeding/04. Recreation Day/05. Visions/06. I’m Sorry (Dilba cover)/07. Blinded/08. Fragments/09. Madness Caught Another Victim/10. Your Darkest Hour/11. Unforgivable/12. Trilogy Of The Damned (Bonus Track)

2004 – The Inner Circle/01. A Touch Of Blessing/02. Ambassador/03. In The Wake Of The Weary/04. Harmless Wishes/05. Waking Up Blind/06. More Than Ever/07. The Essence Of Conviction/08. Where All Good Sleep/09. Faith Restored/10. When The Walls Go Down/11. I’m Sorry (Dilba cover) (Live) (Bonus Track)/12. Recreation Day (Live) (Bonus Track)/13. Madness Caught Another Victim (Live) (Bonus Track)

2006 – Monday Morning Apocalypse/01. Monday Morning Apocalypse/02. Unspeakable/03. Lost/04. Obedience/05. The Curtain Fall/06. In Remembrance/07. At Loss For Words/08. Till Dagmar/09. Still In The Water/10. The Dark I Walk You Through/11. I Should/12. Closure (Bonus Track)

2008 – Torn/01. Broken Wings/02. Soaked/03. Fear/04. When Kingdoms Fall/05. In Confidence/06. Fail/07. Numb/08. Torn/09. Nothing Is Erased/10. Still Walk Alone/11. These Scars/12. Caught In A Lie (Bonus Track)


CD 2

2011 – Glorious Collision/01. Leave It Behind Us/02. You/03. Wrong/04. Frozen/05. Restoring The Loss/06. To Fit The Mold/07. Out Of Reach/08. The Phantom Letters/09. The Disease…/10. It Comes From Within/11. Free/12. I’m Drowning Alone/13. …And The Distance/14. …And The Distance (Carina Englund Version) (Bonus Track)

2014 – Hymns For The Broken/01. The Awakening/02. King Of Errors/03. A New Dawn/04. Wake A Change/05. Archaic Rage/06. Barricades/07. Black Undertow/08. The Fire/09. Hymns For The Broken/10. Missing You/11. The Grand Collapse/12. The Aftermath

2016 – The Storm Within/01. Distance/02. Passing Through/03. Someday/04. Astray/05. The Impossible/06. My Allied Ocean/07. In Orbit (Feat. Floor Jansen)/08. The Lonely Monarch/09. The Paradox Of The Flame (Feat. Carina Englund)/10. Disconnect (Feat. Floor Jansen)/11. The Storm Within/12. Paranoid (Black Sabbath cover) (Bonus Track)

2019 – The Atlantic/01. A Silent Arc/02. Weightless/03. All I Have/04. A Secret Atlantis/05. The Tidal/06. End Of Silence/07. Currents/08. Departure/09. The Beacon/10. This Ocean

2021 – Escape of the Phoenix/01. Forever Outsider/02. Where August Mourn/03. Stories/04. A Dandelion Cipher/05. The Beholder [feat. James LaBrie]/06. In the Absence of Sun/07. Eternal Nocturnal/08. Escape of the Phoenix/09. You from You/10. Leaden Saints/11. Run


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