Disturbed [mp3]


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2000 – The Sickness/01. Voices/02. The Game/03. Stupify/04. Down With The Sickness/05. Violence Fetish/06. Fear/07. Numb/08. Want/09. Conflict/10. Shout 2000/11. Droppin’ Plates/12. Meaning Of Life/13. God Of The Mind/14. A Welcome Burden

2002 – Believe/01. Prayer/02. Liberate/03. Awaken/04. Believe/05. Remember/06. Intoxication/07. Rise/08. Mistress/09. Breathe/10. Bound/11. Devour/12. Darkness

2005 – Ten Thousand Fists/01. Ten Thousand Fists/02. Just Stop/03. Guarded/04. Deify/05. Stricken/06. I’m Alive/07. Sons Of Plunder/08. Overburdened/09. Decadence/10. Forgiven/11. Land Of Confusion/12. Sacred Lie/13. Pain Redefined/14. Avarice

2008 – Indestructible/01. Indestructible/02. Inside The Fire/03. Deceiver/04. The Night/05. Perfect Insanity/06. Haunted/07. Enough/08. The Curse/09. Torn/10. Criminal/11. Divide/12. Facade

2010 – Asylum/01. Remnants/02. Asylum/03. The Infection/04. Warrior/05. Another Way To Die/06. Never Again/07. The Animal/08. Crucified/09. Serpentine/10. My Child/11. Sacrifice/12. Innocence/13. ISHFWILF/14. Down With The Sickness [Live]/15. Stricken [Live]

2015 – Immortalized/01. The Eye Of The Storm/02. Immortalized/03. The Vengeful One/04. Open Your Eyes/05. The Light/06. What Are You Waiting For/07. You’re Mine/08. Who/09. Save Our Last Goodbye/10. Fire It Up/11. The Sound Of Silence/12. Never Wrong/13. Who Taught You HowTo Hate/14. Tyrant/15. Legion Of Monsters/16. The Brave And The Bold/17. Warning Sign

2018 – Evolution/01. Are You Ready/02. No More/03. A Reason to Fight/04. In Another Time/05. Stronger on Your Own/06. Hold On to Memories/07. Saviour of Nothing/08. Watch You Burn/09. The Best Ones Lie/10. Already Gone/11. The Sound of Silence (Live) [feat. Myles Kennedy]/12. This Venom/13. Are You Ready (Sam de Jong Remix)/14. Uninvited Guest


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