Diamond Head [mp3]


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1980 – Lightning To The Nations/01. Lightning To The Nations/02. The Prince/03. Sucking My Love/04. Am I Evil?/05. Sweet And Innocent/06. It’s Electric/07. Helpless/08. Shoot Out The Lights (bonus)/09. Streets Of Gold (bonus)/10. Waited Too Long (bonus)/11. Play It Loud (bonus)/12. Diamond Lights (bonus)/13. We Won’t Be Back (bonus)/14. I Don’t Got (bonus)

1982 – Borrowed Time/01. In The Heat Of The Night/02. To Heaven From Hell/03. Call Me/04. Lightning To The Nations/05. Borrowed Time/06. Don’t You Ever Leave Me/07. Am I Evil?/08. Trick Or Treat- Taken from ‘Four Cuts’ EP/09. Dead Reckoning- Taken from ‘Four Cuts’ EP/10. Shoot Out The Lights- Taken from ‘Four Cuts’ EP/11. In The Heat Of The Night- Taken from ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ EP/12. Play It Loud (Live)- Taken from ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ EP/13. Sweet And Innocent (Live)- Taken from ‘In The Heat Of The Night’ EP/14. Interview with Sean Harris and Colin Kimberly

1983 – Canterbury/01. Makin’ Music/02. Out Of Phaze/03. The Kingmaker/04. One More Night/05. To The Devil His Due/06. Knight Of The Swords/07. Ishmael/08. I need Your Love/09. Canterbury

1993 – Death & Progress/01. Starcrossed (Lovers Of The Night)/02. Truckin’/03. Calling Your Name (The Light)/04. I Can’t Help Myself/05. Paradise/06. Dust/07. Run/08. Wild On The Streets/09. Damnation Street/10. Home

2005 – All Will Be Revealed/01. Mine All Mine/02. Give It To Me/03. Nightmare/04. Fallen Angel/05. Alimony/06. Lost At Sea/07. Broken Pieces/08. All Will Be Revealed/09. Dead Or Living/10. Drinkin Again/11. Come Alive/12. Muddy Waters

2007 – What’s In Your Head/01. Skin On Skin/02. I Feel No Pain/03. This PlanetAnd Me/04. Reign Supreme/05. Killing Me/06. Tonight/07. Prey For Me/08. What’s In Your Head/09. Nothing To Lose/10. Calling Out/11. Victim

2016 – Diamond Head/01. Bones/02. Shout At The Devil/03. Set My Soul On Fire/04. See You Rise/05. All The Reasons You Live/06. Wizard Sleeve/07. Our Time Is Now/08. Speed/09. Blood On My Hands/10. Diamonds/11. Silence/12. Kings & Queens/13. All The Reasons You Live (Orchestral Mix)

2019 – The Coffin Train/01. Belly of the Beast/02. The Messenger/03. The Coffin Train/04. Shades of Black/05. The Sleeper (Prelude)/06. The Sleeper/07. Death by Design Serrated Love The Phoenix/10. Until We Burn

2020 – Lightning To The Nations/01. Lightning to the Nations/02. The Prince/03. Sucking My Love/04. Am I Evil?/05. Sweet and Innocent/06. It’s Electric/07. Helpless/08. No Remorse/09. Immigrant Song/10. Sinner/11. Rat Bat Blue


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