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2008 – DeWollf (EP)/01. Fishing Night At Noon (Single Edit)/02. Gold And Seaweed (Single Edit)/03. Yellow Rat Magic Blues/04. The Thrills That Come Along With The Landing Of A Flying Saucer/05. Fishing Night At Noon (Full Version)/06. Gold And Seaweed (Full Version)

2009 – Strange Fruits And Undiscovered Plants/01. Mountain/02. Medicine/03. Don’t You Go Up The Sky/04. Desert Night/05. Wicked Moon/06. Birth Of The Ninth Sun/07. Parloscope/08. Fire Fills The Sky/09. Red Sparks Of The Morning Dusk/10. Silver Lovemachine/11. Leather God

2011 – OrchardsLupine/01. Diamonds/02. Evil and the Midnight Sun/03. Everything Everywhere/04. Who Are You or the Magnificenc/05. Love in C Minor/06. Higher Than The Sun/07. Pick Your Bones Out Of The Wat/08. Seashell Woman/09. Fever/10. The Pistol/11. Poison

2012 – DeWolff IV/01. Voodoo Mademoiselle/02. Six Holes And A Ghost/03. Devil’s Due/04. Crumbling Heart/05. The Only Thornless Rose/06. Northbound/07. Devil On A WireThe Telephone/08. Black Hole Raga/09. Sixth Dimension BluesThe Telephone Pt. II/10. Astral Awareness/11. Vicious Times

2014 – Grand Southern Electric/01. Stand Up Tall/02. Evil Mothergrabber/03. Ride with You/04. Wealthy Friend/05. Satilla No. 3/06. Restless Man/07. Dance of the Buffalo/08. Ripple Faced Thing/09. Working Like a Dog/10. (Ain’t Nothing Wrong With) A Little Bit Of Loving/11. It’s About Time

2016 – Roux-Ga-Roux/01. Roux-Ga-Roux/02. Black Cat Woman/03. Sugar Moon/04. Baby’s Got A Temper/05. What’s The Measure Of A Man/06. Easy Money/07. Lucid/08. Stick It To The Man/09. Tired Of Loving You/10. Love Dimension/11. Toux-Da-Loux

2018 – Thrust/01. Big Talk/02. California Burning/03. Once In A Blue Moon/04. Double Crossing Man/05. Tombstone Child/06. Deceit & Woo/07. Freeway Flight/08. Tragedy Not Today/09. Sometimes/10. Swain/11. Outta Step & III At Ease

2020 – Tascam Tapes/01. Northpole Blues/02. Blood Meridian I/03. It Ain’t Easy/04. Rain/05. Made It To 27/06. Nothing’s Changing/07. Let It Fly/08. Blood Meridian Ii/09. Awesomeness Of Love/10. Love Is Such A Waste/11. Am I Losing My Mind/12. Life In A Fish Tank


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