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CD 1 – 1997 – Detunized Gravity/01. Roses/02. Between 2 Thieves/03. Homesick Inc/04. Lovechild/05. Cut the Jazz/06. Little Company/07. Nameless Life (Album Version)/08. Good Boy (Album Version)/09. Lullaby/
10. Hero Dead And Gone (Radio Swing Mix)/11. No Jive (Album Version)/12. Detunized Gravity/13. Free Drift

1999 – Godsdog/01. The Mambo Craze/02. Cafe Cola/03. Jazz Music/04. Steps Ahead/05. Zero Zero/06. Happiness/07. Squeeze The Trigger/08. April Shower/09. Godsdog/10. Low Budget Hotel/11. Time Slips/
12. Havana Moon/13. Information/14. Next Message!/15. Radio Sol/16. Anchorless

2001 – Death by Chocolate/01. Heartfixer/02. Something Special/03. Nu Chic/04. Sabbatical/05. Better Now/
06. Death By Chocolate/07. Jeunesse Dorée/08. Online/09. Jim The Jinn/10. Roy’s Choice/11. Trash Box/
12. Jump Over/13. Maybe San José/14. Love’s Labour’s Lost/15. North West/16. Saw It On The Radio

2002 – Daily Lama/01. Looks/02. You Stayed/03. What’s Behind/04. Wrong Dance/05. Atomic Cocktail/
06. Cup Of Hope/07. True North/08. Almost Gone/09. Nightmare/10. Preachin To The Choir/11. Try/
12. Dummes Spiel/13. Things & Times/14. Belle De Jour/15. Wait/16. Down The Railroad/17. Désert D’Amour/
18. Style/19. Word In A Rhyme/20. Jean-Mi

2002 – Plastic Love Memory/01. Love Set You Going (De-Phazz Vs. Lahr Mix)/02. Nameless Life (Rapoetry)/
03. The Mambo Craze (Swing Mix)/04. Riddim Wize/05. Hero Dead And Gone (Reversed Mix)/06. Downtown Tazacorte/07. Jazz Music (Strings)/08. Radio Sol/09. Plastic Love Memory (No. Nine)/10. Good Boy (Stepin’ Nerve Mix)/11. Drop Down Low/12. No Jive (Ripped Version)/13. Good Boy (ManMachineMan Remix)/14. Hero Dead And Gone (Discotheque Mix)/15. The Mambo Craze (UR Craze Remix)

2005 – Natural Fake/01. Un Ange Passe/02. Waste Of Words/03. Astrud Astronette/04. Stumble/05. Depression Royale/06. Eternity Is/07. Rise & Shine/08. Excursion En Mer/09. Love Is Natural/10. Car Eats Town/11. Keep It Simple/12. Who The Pop Cares/13. Backstreets Of My Mind/14. Multicoloured Destiny/15. Make Heaven My Home/
16. Message TTC/17. Close To Jazz/18. Garbo Goodbye

2007 – Days of Twang/01. Twang/02. Boogie Philosophy/03. Nonsensical Thing/04. Hell Alright/
05. Better World/06. Le Petit Bastard/07. It Will Turn Out Right/08. Devil’s Music/09. Dancing With My Hands/
10. How High The Hat/11. My Society/12. Rock’n’Roll Dude/13. Shadow Of A Lie/14. What The Use Of/15. 105 FM Jam/16. Devil’s Music #58 Reprise

2009 – Big/01. The Mambo Craze/02. Jazz Music/03. Belle De Jour/04. Jim The Jinn/05. Jeunesse Dorée/06. Death By Chocolate/07. Something Special/08. Excoursion En Mer/09. Preachin’ To The Choir/10. Dummes Spiel/11. Heart Gallery/12. Jeunesse Dorée (Dub-Mix)


CD 2

2010 – Lala 2.0/01. Just A File/02. No Story/03. No Lie/04. Duck & Cover/05. Uppercut/06. When No Words Come/07. Slums Of Monte Carlo/08. Jazz Is The Move/09. In My Power/10. Chez Clerambault/11. Rat Pack/
12. Cloudspotting/13. Walk With Love/14. Hot Little Harp/15. Fear Is My Business/16. Back From Where I Started

2012 – Audio Elastique/01. Prelude (Elastique)/02. Our Relationship/03. Dog Run/04. The Story Of It All/
05. Timeless Times/06. Daddywannarock/07. The Ball Is My Friend/08. Desir Au Maximum/09. Good Morning Suite/10. Not Sally/11. After Lunch/12. Manner Die Pokale Kussen/13. Waltzes And Tangos/14. Funk Desaster/
15. What’s The Word For Memory/16. Into The Blue Hour

2013 – Naive/01. I Saw It On The Radio/02. Sabbatical/03. The Mambo Craze/04. Quicksand/05. Jazz Music/
06. Something Special/07. Faith/08. Bye Bye Love/09. Jim The Jinn/10. My Society/11. Heavy Dream Rotation/
12. Goodboy/13. Easy Goodbye/14. Time Slips/15. J-Time/16. Maybe San Jose

2016 – Private/01. Zero Zero/02. Astrud Astro Nette/03. Our Relationship/04. Anchorless/05. My Society/
06. No Jive/07. Jeunesse Doree/08. The Mambo Craze/09. Cut The Jazz/10. Something Special

2016 – Prankster Bride/01. Used/02. Used (Reprise)/03. Apple & Egg/04. Invisible To Myself/05. Prankster Bride/06. Hangover DeLuxe/07. Berlin Bad/08. Soulflakes/09. Down Waterloo/10. Perfect World/11. Fireball/
12. I Sing (Feat. Pat Appleton)/13. Freaky/14. Kraut 2016

2018 – Black White Mono/01. Spoiled (Feat. Pat Appleton)/02. Esperance/03. Love Vampire/04. May/05. I Smell A Rat/06. Silent Lamb/07. As The Word Turns/08. Wailing Daddy/09. Foul & Miss/10. Ma Cherry Bo/11. No Good No Trouble/12. In My Blood/13. The Power Of Maybe/14. All Inclusive/15. No Bud/16. Funk Kid

2018 – Strangers In Dub/01. Dry Eyes/02. Strangers In The Night/03. The Lady Smiles/04. Love After Midnight/05. I Love You So/06. Don’t Talk To Me/07. The Times Will Change/08. Lady/09. Spanish Eyes (Moon Over Naples)/10. Moon Maid/11. Malaysian Melody/12. Hold Back The Dawn/13. My Way Of Life/14. Lonely Is The Name

2019 – De Capo/01. Sabbatical/02. Roses/03. The Mambo Craze/04. Death by Chocolate/05. Jazz Music/06. Anchorless/07. No Jive/08. No Lie/09. Good Boy/10. Back from Where I Started


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