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2006 – Daughtry/01. It’s Not Over/02. Used To/03. Home/04. Over You/05. Crashed/06. Feels Like Tonight/07. What I Want (Feat. Slash)/08. Breakdown/09. Gone/10. There and Back Again/11. All These Lives/12. What About Now/13. Home (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)/14. Crashed (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)

2009 – Leave This Town/01. You Don’t Belong/02. No Suprise/03. Everytime You Turn Around/04. Life After You/05. What I Meant To Say/06. Open Up Your Eyes/07. September/08. Ghost Of Me/09. Learn My Lesson/10. Supernatural/11. Tennessee Line/12. Call Your Name/13. What Have We Become (Bonus Track)/14. On the Inside (Bonus Track)

2011 – Break The Spell/01. Renegade/02. Crawling Back To You/03. Outta My Head/04. Start Of Something Good/05. Crazy/06. Break The Spell/07. We’re Not Gonna Fall/08. Gone Too Soon/09. Losing My Mind/10. Rescue Me/11. Louder Than Ever/12. Spaceship/13. Who’s They (Bonus Track)/14. Maybe We’re Already Gone (Bonus Track)/15. Everything But Me (Bonus Track)/16. Lullaby (Bonus Track)

2013 – Baptized/01. Baptized/02. Waiting For Superman/03. Battleships/04. I’ll Fight/05. Wild Heart/06. Long Live Rock & Roll/07. The World We Knew/08. High Above The Ground/09. Broken Arrows/10. Witness/11. Traitor/12. 18 Years/13. Undefeated/14. Cinderella/15. Battleships (Acoustic)

2018 – Cage To Rattle/01. Just Found Heaven/02. Backbone/03. Deep End/04. As You Are/05. Death of Me/06. Bad Habits/07. Back In Time/08. Gravity/09. Stuff of Legends/10. White Flag


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