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2002 – Spin/01. Strange Relationship/02. Insatiable/03. Heart Attack/04. I Miss You/05. Creepin’ Up On You/06. Dirty/07. Crush (1980 Me)/08. Good Enough/09. I Can’t Ever Get Enough Of You/10. Like It Or Not/11. What You Like/12. Spin

2004 – The Tension And The Spark/01. Darkness/02. I Like The Way/03. Light/04. Poplular/05. Dublin Sky/06. Hero/07. Unlovable/08. Void/09. I Forgive You/10. Feel/11. Love And Attraction/12. Sense Of Humor/13. Ego

2007 – This Delicate Thing We’ve Made/CD1 – 01. A Fear Of Falling Under/02. Who Would Have Thought/03. Waking The Monster/04. How To Build A Time Machine/05. Casey/06. Step Into The Light/07. Sing To Me/08. A Conversation With God/09. The Sun Is Always Blinding Me/10. Listen All You People/11. The Only One/12. Bombs Up In My Face/13. The Great Big Disconnect/CD2 – 01. The Future Holds A Lion’s Heart/02. On The Verge Of Something Wonderful/03. Neverland/04. Walk Away/05. Maybe/06. Me, Myself And (I)/07. Lucky Town/08. I Just Want You To Love Me/09. Setting Sun/10. A Hundred Challenging Things A Boy Can Do/11. Words/12. The Tuning Of Violins

2009 – We Are Smug (with Robert Conley)/01. Look What We’ve Started/02. Words I Can’t Say/03. Hot Tub Blues/04. Good Dress/05. Shit On The Radio/06. Tear It Up/07. Never Be The Same/08. Watching Me Watching You/09. Fire It Up/10. The Pressure

2011 – Secret Codes and Battleships/CD1 – Secret Codes – 01. Taken By The Sea/02. Don’t Give Up/03. Nearly Love/04. Black Out The Sun/05. Talk Talk Talk/06. Bloodstained Heart/07. God Walking Into The Room/08. Hurt/09. Roses/10. Stupid Mistake/11. Cruel Cruel World/12. The Siren’s Call/CD2 – Battleships – 01. Explode/02. Perfect/03. Tiny Little Flashlights/04. Wrecking Ball/05. Nothing/06. Glorious/07. Talk Talk Talk (Live in the Attic)/08. Black Out The Sun (Live in the Attic)/09. The Sweetest Lullaby (Demo)/10. Hurt (Demo)/11. Stupid Mistake (Demo)/12. Perfect (Demo)


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