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CD 1

1979 – Christopher Cross/01. Say YouJI Be Mine/02. I Really Don’t Know Anymore/03. Spinning/04. Never Be The Same/05. Poor Shirley/06. Ride Like The Wind/07. The Light Is On/08. Sailing/09. Minstrel Gigolo

1983 – Another Page/01 – No Time For Talk/02 – Baby Says No/03 – What Am I Supposed To Believe/04 – Deal ’em Again/05 – Think Of Laura/06 – All Right/07 – Talking In My Sleep/08 – Nature Of The Game/09 – Long World/10 – Words Of Wisdom

1985 – Every Turn Of The World/01. Every Turn Of The World/02. Charm The Snake/03. I Hear You Call/04. Don’t Say Goodbye/05. It’s You That Really Matters/06. Love Is Love/07. Swing Street/08. Love Found A Home/09. That Girl/10. Open Your Heart

1988 – Back Of My Mind/01. Someday/02. Never Stop Believing/03. Swept Away/04. Any Old Time/05. I Will (Take You Forever)/06. She Told Me So/07. Back Of My Mind/08. I’ll Be Alright/09. Alibi/10. Just One Look

1992 – Rendezvous/01 – Rendezvous/02 – Deputy Dan/03 – Night Across The World/04 – Angry Young Men/05 – In The Blink Of An Eye/06 – Is There Something/07 – Isn’t It Love/08 – Nothing Will Change/09 – Driftin’ Away/10 – A Fisherman’s Tale

1994 – Window/01 – Been There Done That/02 – Wild Wild West/03 – Wishing Well/04 – Thinkin Bout You/05 – Jan’s Tune/06 – Open Up My Window/07 – Nature’s Way/08 – Uncharted Hearts/09 – Before I Go/10 – Love Is Calling
CD 2

1998 Walkin In Avalon/01. In. A Red Room/02. Walking In Avalon/03. Hunger/04. When She Smiles/05. It’s Always Something/06. Dream Too Loud/07. I Know You Well/08. Kind Of I Love You/09. Curled Around The World/10. Raindy Day In Vancouver

2000 – Red Room/01. In a Red Room/02. Walking in Avalon/03. Hunger/04. When She Smiles/05. It’s Always Something/06. Dream Too Loud/07. I Know You Well (with Gigi Worth)/08. Kind of I Love You/09. Curled Around the World/10. Rainy Day in Vancouver

2007 – Christmas/01. Silent Night/02. Christmas Time Is Here/03. Christmas Song/04. Does It Feel Like Christmas/05. Little Drummer Boy/06. I’H Be Home For Christmas/07. Dream Of Peace At Christmas/08. Count Your Blessings Instead Of Sheep/09. Do You Hear What I Hear/10. Best Christmas/11. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas/12. Come, O Comes, Emmanuel

2008 – The Cafe Carlyle Sessions/01. Never Be The Same/02. Deputy Dan/03. Swept Away/04. Walking In Avalon/05. Arthur/06. In The Blink Of An Eye/07. Think Of Laura/08. All Right/09. Back Of My Mind/10. Sailing/11. Open Up My Window/12. Drifting Away/13. Words Of Wisdom/14. Ride Like The Wind/15. Talking In My Sleep

2011 – Doctor Faith/01. Hey kid/02. I’m too old for this/03. When you come home/04. Dreamers/05. November/06. Leave it to me/07. Doctor Faith/08. Rescue/09. Help me cry/10. Still I resist/11. Poor man’s ecstasy/12. Everything/13. Prayin’

2014 – Secret Ladder/01. Reverend Blowhard/02. I Don’t See It Your Way/03. The Times I Need You/04. Island Of Anger/05. V/06. Experiment/07. Simple/08. Wonderland/09. Light The World/10. With Me Now/11. Got To Be A Better Way/12. A Letter To My Children

2017 – Take Me As I Am/01. Haila/02. Take Me As I Am/03. Oberta (For Joni Mitchell)/04. Down To The Wire/05. Baby It’s All You/06. Old Days/07. River Of Tears/08. Truth/09. Like Minded Saviors/10. Alvah (In Memory Of Rob Meurer)


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