Chris Rea 3ч2cd [mp3]



CD 1

2005 – Blue Guitars (Chicago Blues)/01. I’m Moving Up/02. Maxwell Street/03. Bob Taylor/04. She’s A Whole Heap Of Trouble/05. Jazzy Blue/06. Hip-Sway/07. That’s The Way It Goes/08. To Get Your Love/09. Chicago Morning/10. Catwalk Woman/11. Since You’ve Been Gone/12. All Night Long/13. Here She Comes Now

2005 – Blue Guitars (Country Blues)/01. Walkin’ Country Blues/02. Man Gone Missing/03. Can’t Stay Blues/04. KKK Blues/05. Too Much Drinkin’/06. Catwalk Woman/07. If You’ve Got A Friend In Jesus/08. Head Out On The Highway/09. Wild Pony/10. Steam Train Blues/11. Going Up To Memphis/12. Somewhere Between Highway 61 & 49/13. Ticket For Chicago/14. Dance All Night Long

2005 – Blue Guitars (Electric Memphis Blues)/01. Electric Guitar/02. Electric Memphis Blues/03. All Night Long/04. Born Bad/05. Let’s Start Again/06. What I’m Looking For/07. Rules Of Love/08. What You Done To Me/09. Hobo Love Blues/10. Pass Me By/11. The Soul Of My Father’s Shadow/12. My Blue World Says Hello

2005 – Blue Guitars (Gospel Soul Blues & Motown)/01. Sweet Love/02. Break Another Piece Of My Heart/03. Ball & Chain/04. Gospel Trail/05. Shy Boy/06. Come Change My World/07. Call On Me/08. Just In Case You Never Knew/09. Let Mein/10. I’ll Be There For You/11. The Pain Of Loving You/12. Are You Ready

2005 – Blue Guitars (Latin Blues)/01. Hey Gringo/02. Immigration Blues/03. Still Trying To Clear My Name/04. Sun Is Hot/05. Screw You And Your Deep Blue Sea/06. Nothing Seems To Matter No More/07. Sometimes/08. Lampiou/09. Keep On Dancing/10. Lucifer’s Angel/11. How I Know It’s You/12. Forever/13. You Got Soul/14. Bajan Blue

2005 – Blue Guitars (Louisiana & New Orleans)/01. Two Days Missing Down The Viper/02. Who Cares If I Do/03. What Made Me Love You/04. You Got Dixie/05. One Night With You/06. Talking ‘Bout New Orleans/07. Le Fleur De La Vie/08. Catfish Girl/09. Only A Fool Plays By The Rules/10. Baby Come Home/11. Dance Avec Moi/12. L’ete Eternal

CD 2

2005 – Blue Guitars (Texas Blues)/01. Lone Rider/02. Texas Blue/03. No Wheels Blues/04. Lone Star Boogie/05. Blind Willie/06. The American Way/07. Angellina/08. Truck Stop/09. Weekend Down Mexico/10. Line Dance Boogie-Texas Line Boogie/11. Too Big City/12. Houston Angel

2008 – The Return Of The Fabulous Hofner Bluenotes/CD1 – 01. Dirty New Town/02. 008 Jimmy Bond/03. India Arab/04. B.B. Was A Comanche/05. Theme From ‘The Pink Guitar’/06. Russian Roulette/07. Black Wave Heros/08. Andorra Star Blues/09. Gypo Euro/10. The Power Of Love/11. Big Storm Coming/12. Race Fever Blues/13. It’s Behind You!/14. French Football/15. Green Shirt Blues ( For George Russell)/16. Blue Miles/CD2 – 011 Can’t Wait For Love/02. Speak Of God, Act Like The Devil/03. Big Wave/04. Don’t Give Your Ace Away/05. Renaissance Blues/06. Let’s Getaway/07. Legacy Blues/08. Don’t Tell Me About The Blues/09. If I Keep My Faith In You/10. The Shadow Of A Fool/11. Rock And Roll Tonight/12. I Will Be With You/CD3 – 01. Twister Inside/02. When The Truth Comes Out/03. Because It’s You/04. Looking Glass Blues/05. Blues For Janice/06. Meet Me On The Mountain/07. Skylark Blues/08. Which Part Of The Picture Made You Cry?/09. The Days I Spent With You (Song For Bella)/10. Yes I Do

2011 – Santo Spirito Blues/01. Dancing My Blues Away/02. Rock And Roll Tonight/03. Never Tie Me Down/04. The Chance Of Love/05. The Last Open Road/06. Electric Guitar/07. Money/08. The Way She Moves/09. Dance With Me All Night Long/10. Think Like A Woman/11. You Got Lucky/12. Lose My Heart In You/13. I Will Go On

2017 – Road Songs For Lovers/01. Happy On The Road/02. Nothing Left Behind/03. Road Songs For Lovers/04. Money/05. Two Lost Souls/06. Rock My Soul/07. Moving On/08. The Road Ahead/09. Last Train/10. Angel Of Love/11. Breaking Point/12. Beautiful


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