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CD 1 – 2003 – Handmade/01. Keep Talking/02. It’s Crazy/03. Something About You/04. She Forgot/05. It’s Alright/06. The Caravan Moves On/07. Under The Same Sun/08. Baby It’s History/
09. So Radical/10. Angel Of Berlin/11. Only You/12. Let’s Do It/13. Down Louisiana/14. Nothing Stays The Same

2004 – Break Away/01. Amazing/02. Break Away/03. Here With Me Tonight/04. Alone/05. Drift Away/06. Breathless/07. Big Chance/08. Without Your Love/09. Dont You Cry/10. Too Much [And Not Enough]/11. Vision Of Life/12. Tears Run Dry/13. Midnight Hour

2006 – Coming Home/01. Break Away/02. Without Your Love/03. Heart & Soul/04. Breathless/05. Million Miles To Nowhere/06. Right Time, Wrong Place/07. All Alone/08. Turn Right, Turn Wrong/09. Lost In Flight/10. Find My Way/11. If My Heart Is Not Enough/12. All Day, All Night/13. One Night Stand/14. The Summer Wind

2006 – Million Miles/01. Heart & Soul/02. Love You Heavy/03. All Alone/04. Turn Right, Turn Wrong/05. Million Miles To Nowhere/06. Find My Way/07. Right Time, Wrong Place/
08. Alles Klar/09. If My Heart Is Not Enough/10. The Summer Wind/11. Let’s Get Real/12. Bill’s Song/13. Crazy For You/14. All Day, All Night

2007 – Close Up/01. Lay Me Down/02. Love Not War/03. Trying To Find My Home/04. Hello Baby/05. Close To You/06. Catch Your Dream/07. Sleep Alone Tonight/08. When The Midnight Hour Is Calling/09. When A Love Affair Ends/10. I Melt Away/11. Maybe There’s A Way/12. Baby I Call Your Name/13. Survival
CD 2 – 2011 – Time Traveller/01. Get It On/02. Country Girl/03. Back For Good/04. Be My Baby/05. Chasing Cars/06. Morning Dew/07. Sweet Caroline/08. Homeward Bound/09. Moonlight Shadow/10. I Can’t Dance/11. 19Th Nervous Breakdown/12. Wake Me Up When September Ends

2013 – There And Back/01. I’m Gone/02. Gypsy Queen/03. Nobody’s Fool/04. Wish You Well/05. My Jenny/06. Whisky & Water/07. Love’s Such A Strange Thing/08. Lovers And Friends/
09. Hard Road To Cross/10. Hound Dog Blues/11. Did The Monkeys Take Over The Zoo/12. Hot Love/13. Northern Star

2015 – Crossover/01 – Waiting/02 – Cat.s Eyes/03 – Hard To Find/04 – Fly Away/05 – Highest Mountain/06 – Before The Morning Knows/07 – The Girl I Love/08 – Beautiful Rain/09 – Carry On/10 – Take This Lonely Heart/11 – Alien Like You/12 – Love.s On Fire/13 – 40 Years On (Remix)

2017 – Don’t Knock The Rock/01. Don’t Knock the Rock/02. Crawling up the Wall/03. Sun Is Rising/04. You Are the Light/05. Sweet Virginia/06. Good, Good Loving/07. Losing You/
08. If We Had Wings/09. On Night of Love/10. Resurrection/11. Chasing After Starlight/12. Straight to My Heart/13. Suicide Street/14. Little Butterfly


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