Cannibal Corpse 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1990 – Eaten Back to Life/01. Shredded Humans/02. Edible Autopsy/03. Put Them to Death/04. Mangled/05. Scattered Remains, Splattered Brains/06. Born in a Casket/07. Rotting Head/08. The Undead Will Feast/09. Bloody Chunks/10. A Skull Full of Maggots/11. Buried in the Backyard

1991 – Butchered at Birth/01. Meat Hook Sodomy/02. Gutted/03. Living Dissection/04. Under the Rotted Flesh/05. Covered with Sores/06. Vomit the Soul/07. Butchered at Birth/08. Rancid Amputation/09. Innards Decay

1992 – Tomb of the Mutilated/01. Hammer Smashed Face/02. I Cum Blood/03. Addicted to Vaginal Skin/04. Split Wide Open/05. Necropedophile/06. The Cryptic Stench/07. Entrails Ripped from a Virgin’s Cunt/08. Post Mortal Ejaculation/09. Beyond the Cemetery

1994 – The Bleeding/01. Staring Through the Eyes of the Dead/02. Fucked with a Knife/03. Stripped, Raped and Strangled/04. Pulverized/05. Return to Flesh/06. The Pick-Axe Murders/07. She Was Asking for It/08. The Bleeding/09. Force Fed Broken Glass/10. An Experiment in Homicide

1996 – Vile/01. Devoured by Vermin/02. Mummified in Barbed Wire/03. Perverse Suffering/04. Disfigured/05. Bloodlands/06. Puncture Wound Massacre/07. Relentless Beating/08. Absolute Hatred/09. Eaten from Inside/10. Orgasm Through Torture/11. Monolith/12. The Undead Will Feast

1998 – Gallery of Suicide/01.1 Will Kill You/02. Disposal of the Body/03. Sentenced to Burn/04. Blood Drenched Execution/05. Gallery of Suicide/06. Dismembered and Molested/07. From Skin to Liquid/08. Unite the Dead/09. Stabbed in the Throat/10. Chambers of Blood/11. Headless/12. Every Bone Broken/13. Centuries of Torment/14. Crushing the Despised

1999 – Bloodthirst/01. Pounded into Dust/02. Dead Human Collection/03. Unleashing the Bloodthirsty/04. The Spine Splitter/05. Ecstacy in Decay/06. Raped by the Beast/07. Coffinfeeder/08. Hacksaw Decapitation/09. Blowtorch Slaughter/10. Sickening Metamorphosis/11. Condemned to Agony/12. Confessions

2002 – Gore Obsessed/01. Savage Butchery/02. Hatchet to the Head/03. Pit of Zombies/04. Dormant Bodies Bursting/05. Compelled to Lacerate/06. Drowning In Viscera/07. Hung and Bled/08. Sanded Faceless/09. Mutation of the Cadaver/10. When Death Replaces Life/11. Grotesque/12. No Remorse (Metallica cover)

CD 2

2004 – The Wretched Spawn/01. Severed Head Stoning/02. Psychotic Precision/03. Decency Defied/04. Frantic Disembowelment/05. The Wretched Spawn/06. Cyanide Assassin/07. Festering in the Crypt/08. Nothing Left to Mutilate/09. Blunt Force Castration/10. Rotted Body Landslide/11. Slain/12. Bent Backwards and Broken/13. They Deserve to Die

2006 – Kill/01. The Time to Kill is Now/02. Make Them Suffer/03. Murder Worship/04. Necrosadistic Warning/05. Five Nails Through the Neck/06. Purification by Fire/07. Death Walking Terror/08. Barbaric Bludgeonings/09. The Discipline of Revenge/10. Brain Removal Device/11. Maniacal/12. Submerged in Boiling Flesh/13. Infinite Misery

2009 – Evisceration Plague/01. Priests of Sodom/02. Scalding Hail/03. To Decompose/04. A Cauldron of Hate/05. Beheading and Burning/06. Evidence in the Furnace/07. Carnivorous Swarm/08. Evisceration Plague/09. Shatter Their Bones/10. Carrion Sculpted Entity/11. Unnatural/12. Skewered from Ear to Eye/13. Skull Fragment Armor

2012 – Torture/01. Demented Aggression/02. Sarcophagic Frenzy/03. Scourge of Iron/04. Encased in Concrete/05. As Deep as the Knife Will Go/06. Intestinal Crank/07. Followed Home Then Killed/08. The Strangulation Chair/09. Caged…Contorted/10. Crucifier Avenged/11. Rabid/12. Torn Through/13. Make Them Suffer (live)/14. Evisceration Plague (live)

2014 – A Skeletal Domain/01. High Velocity Impact Spatter/02. Sadistic Embodiment/03. Kill or Become/04. A Skeletal Domain/05. Headlong into Carnage/06. The Murderer’s Pact/07. Funeral Cremation/08. Icepick Lobotomy/09. Vector of Cruelty/10. Bloodstained Cement/11. Asphyxiate Resuscitate/12. Hollowed Bodies

2017 – Red Before Black/01. Only One Will Die/02. Red Before Black/03. Code Of The Slashers/04. Shedding My Human Skin/05. Remaimed/06. Firestorm Vengeance/07. Heads Shoveled Off/08. Corpus Delicti/09. Scavenger Consuming Death/10. In The Midst Of Ruin/11. Destroyed Without A Trace/12. Hideous Ichor


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