California Transit Authority (CTA) – Sacred Ground (2013)


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01. Sacred Ground (feat. Will Champlin & Ed Roth)
02. The Real World (feat. Larry Braggs, Danny Seraphine & Marc Bonilla)
03. I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know (feat. Larry Braggs)
04. Out of Reason (feat. Marc Bonilla)
05. Primetime
06. Conviction (Song for Ronnie) [feat. Ed Roth]
07. Strike (While the Iron Is Hot) [feat. Will Champlin]
08. Chorale
09. Full Circle (feat. Bill Champlin)
10. Staring At the Sun (feat. Marc Bonilla & Will Champlin)
11. In the Kitchen (feat. Peter Fish, Danny Seraphine, Luis Conte)
12. Take Me Back to Chicago (feat. Larry Braggs, Peter Fish, Marc Bonilla)
13. Go On (feat. Eric Redd, Marc Bonilla)
14. Daydream Lover (feat. Wes Quave)

Жанр: Westcoast,Jazz-Rock


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