Bush [mp3]


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1994 – Sixteen Stone/01. Everything Zen/02. Swim/03. Bomb/04. Little Things/05. Comedown/06. Body/07. Machinehead/08. Testosterone/09. Monkey/10. Glycerine/11. Alien/12. X-Girlfriend/13. Comedown (Acoustic)

1996 – Razorblade Suitcase/01. Personal Holloway/02. Greedy Fly/03. Swallowed/04. Insect Kin/05. Could Contagious/06. A Tendency to Start Fires/07. Mounth/08. Straight No Chaser/09. History/10. Synapse/11. Communicator/12. Bonedriven/13. Distant Voices/14. Broken TV

1999 – The Science of Things/01. Warm Machine/02. Jesus Online/03. The Chemicals Between Us/04. English Fire/05. Spacetravel/06. 40 Miles from the Sun/07. Prizefighter/08. The Disease of the Dancing Cats/09. Altered States/10. Dead Meat/11. Letting the Cables Sleep/12. Mindchanger

2001 – Golden State/01. Solutions/02. Headful of Ghosts/03. The People That We Love/04. Superman/05. Fugitive/06. Hurricane/07. Inflatable/08. Reasons/09. Land of the Living/10. My Engine Is with You/11. Out of This World/12. Float/13. Japanese Freight Train

2011 – The Sea of Memories/01. The Mirror of the Signs/02. The Sound of Winter/03. All My Life/04. The Afterlife/05. All Night Doctors/06. Baby Come Home/07. Red Light/08. She’s a Stallion/09. I Believe in You/10. Stand Up/11. The Heart of the Matter/12. Be Still My Love

2014 – Man on the Run/01. Just Like My Other Sins/02. Man on the Run/03. The Only Way Out/04. The Gift/05. This House is on Fire/06. Loneliness is a Killer/07. Bodies in Motion/08. Broken in Paradise/09. Surrender/10. Dangerous Love/11. Eye Of The Storm/12. Let Yourself Go/13. Speeding Through the Bright Lights/14. The Golden Age

2017 – Black and White Rainbows/01. Mad Love/02. Peace-S/03. Water/04. Lost In You/05. Sky Turns Day Glo/06. Toma Mi Corazon/07. All The Worlds Within You/08. Nurse/09. The Beat Of Your Heart/10. Dystopia/11. Ray Of Light/12. Ravens/13. Nothing But A Car Chase/14. The Edge Of Love/15. People At War


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