Breaking Benjamin [mp3]


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2002 – Saturate/01. Wish I May/02. Medicate/03. Polyamorous/04. Skin/05. Natural Life/06. Next To Nothing/07. Water/08. Home/09. Phase/10. No Games/11. Sugarcoat/12. Shallow Bay/13. Forever (Hidden Bonus Track)

2004 – We Are Not Alone/01. So Cold/02. Simple Design/03. Follow/04. Firefly/05. Break My Fall/06. Forget It/07. Sooner Or Later/08. Breakdown/09. Away/10. Believe/11. Rain/12. Ordinary Man (Bonus Track)/13. Lady Bug (Bonus Track)

2006 – Phobia/01. Intro/02. The Diary Of Jane/03. Breath/04. You/05. Evil Angel/06. Until The End/07. Dance With The Devil/08. Topless/09. Here We Are/10. Unknown Soldier/11. Had Enough/12. You Fight Me/13. Outro/14. The Diary Of Jane (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)/15. So Cold (Acoustic Version) (Bonus Track)/16. Rain (2005) (Bonus Track)

2010 – Dear Agony/01. Fade Away/02. I Will Not Bow/03. Crawl/04. Give Me A Sign/05. Hopeless/06. What Lies Beneath/07. Anthem Of The Angels/08. Lights Out/09. Dear Agony/10. Into The Nothing/11. Without You/12. Without You (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)/13. Give Me A Sign (Acoustic) (Bonus Track)

2015 – Dark Before Dawn/01. Dark/02. Failure/03. Angels Fall/04. Breaking The Silence/05. Hollow/06. Close To Heaven/07. Bury Me Alive/08. Never Again/09. The Great Divide/10. Ashes Of Eden/11. Defeated/12. Dawn

2018 – Ember/01. Lyra/02. Feed The Wolf/03. Red Cold River/04. Tourniquet/05. Psycho/06. The Dark Of You (Feat. Derek Hough)/07. Down/08. Torn In Two/09. Blood/10. Save Yourself/11. Close Your Eyes/12. Vega


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