Bonfire 1ч 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1986 – Don’t Touch the Light/01. Intro/02. Starin’ Eyes/03. Hot to Rock/04. You Make Me Feel/05. Longing for You/06. Don’t Touch the Light/07. S.D.I./08. No More/09. L.A.

1987 – Fire Works/01. Ready 4 Reaction/02. Never Mind/03. Sleeping All Alone/04. Champion/05. Don’t Get Me Wrong/06. Sweet Obsession/07. Rock Me Now/08. American Nights/09. Fantasy/10. Give It a Try/11. Cold Days

1989 – Point Blank/01. Bang Down the Door/02. Waste No Time/03. Hard on Me/04. Why Is It Never Enough/05. Tony’s Roulette/06. Minestrone/07. You’re Back/08. Look of Love/09. The Price of Loving You/10. Freedom Is My Belief/11. Gimme Some/12. Say Goodbye/13. Never Surrender/14. (20th Century) Youth Patrol/15. Jungle Call/16. Know Right Now/17. Who’s Foolin’ Who

1991 – Knock Out/01. Streets of Freedom/02. The Stroke/03. Dirty Love/04. Rivers of Glory/05. Home Babe/06. Shake Down/07. Hold You/08. Down and Out/09. Take My Heart and Run/10. All We Got/11. Fight for Love/12. Tonmeister

1996 – Feels Like Comin’ Home/01. Easy Come Easy Go/02. Back to You/03. Feels Like Cornin’ Home/04. Mama/05. I’d Love You to Want Me/06. Say/07. Right Now/08. Highway to Your Dreams/09. You Are All/10. Whenever You Cry (I’ll Be There)/11. Rock’n’Roll Cowboy (English version)/12. I Don’t Want You/13. Can’t Wait/14. Feels Like Cornin’ Home (Piano version)


CD 2

1997 – Rebel Soul/01. Wake Up/02. Just to Say We Did/03. Before We Say Goodbye/04. Somebody’s Waiting/05. Lay Your Heart on the Line/06. Hearts Bleed Their Own Blood/07. Rock Me ’til I Die/08. Desire/09. Good or Bad/10. The First Cut Is the Deepest/11. You’ll Be Alright/12. Dixie/13. Wild Dixie

1999 – Fuel to the Flames/01. Daytona Nights/02. Don’t Go Changing Me/03. Proud of My Country/04. Sweet Home Alabama/05. Rebel Pride/06. Goodnight Amanda/07. Ode an die Freude/08. Thumbs up for Europe/09. Bandit of Love/10. Break Down the Walls/11. Heat in the Glow/12. Life After Love/13. If It Wasn’t for You/14. Can’t Stop Rockin’

2001 – Strike Ten/01. Revelation Day/02. Under Blue Skies/03. Strike Back/04. Down to Atlanta/05. Southern Winds/06. Good Time Rock’N’Roll/07. Until the Last Goodbye/08. Diamonds in the Rough/09. Damn You/10. Anytime You Cry/11. Too Much Hollywood/12. I Need You/13. Angel in White (Bonus track)

2003 – Free/01. On and On…/02. I Would Do Anything 4 U/03. What About Love/04. Rock’n’Roll Star/05. Free/06. Preachers & Whores/07. Love CCA/08. Give a Little/09. September on My Mind/10. Friends

2006 – Double X/01. Day 911/02. But We Still Rock/03. Cry for Help/04. Bet Your Bottom Dollar/05. What’s on Your Mind/06. Blink of an Eye/07. Rap Is Crap!/08. Notion of Love/09. Right Things Right/10. Hard to Say/11. Wings to Fly/12. So What/13. Blink of an Eye (Extended version) (Bonus track)/14. R.I.C. (Hidden track)


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