Blackmore’s Night 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1 – 1997 – Shadow Of The Moon/1. Shadow Of The Moon/2. The Clock Ticks On/3. Be Mine Tonight/4. Play Minstrel Play/5. Ocean Gypsy/6. Minstrel Hall/7. Magical World/
8. Writing On The Wall/9. Renaissance Faire/10. Memmingen/11. No Second Chance/12. Mond Tanz/13. Spirit Of The Sea/14. Greensleeves/15. Wish You Were Here

1999 – Under A Violet Moon/1. Under A Violet Moon/2. Castles And Dreams/3. Past Time With Good Company/4. Morning Star/5. Avalon/6. Possum Goes To Prague/7. Wind In The Willows/8. Gone With The Wind/9. Beyond The Sunset/10. March The Heroes Home/11. Spanish Nights (I Remember It Well)/12. Catherine Howard’s Fate/13. Fool’s Gold/
14. Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus/15. Now And Then/16. Self Portrait

2001 – Fires At Midnight/1. Written In The Stars/2. The Times They Are A Changin’/3. I Still Remember/4. Home Again/5. Crowning Of The King/6. Fayre Thee Well/7. Fires At Midnight/
8. Hanging Tree/9. Storm/10. Mid Winter’s Night/11. All Because Of You/12. Waiting Just For You/13. Praetorius (Courante)/14. Benzai-Ten/15. Sake Of Song/15. Village On The Sand/
16. Again Someday

2003 – Ghost Of A Rose/1. Way To Mandalay/2. 3 Black Crows/3. Diamonds And Rust/4. Cartouche/5. Queen For A Day (Part I)/6. Queen For A Day (Part II)/7. Ivory Tower/
8. Nur Eine Minute/9. Ghost Of A Rose/10. Mr. Peagram’s Morris And Sword/11. Loreley/12. Where Are We Going From Here/13. Rainbow Blues/14. All For One/15. Dandelion Wine

2006 – Village Lanterne/1. 25 Years/2. Village Lanterne/3. I Guess It Doesn’t Matter/4. The Messenger/5. World Of Stone/6. Faerie Queen/7. St. Teresa/8. Village Dance/9. Mond Tanz / Child In Time/10. Streets Of London/11. Just Call My Name (I’ll Be There)/12. Olde Mill Inn /13. Windmills/14. Street Of Dreams/15 Call It Love/16 Street Of Dreams (Feat. Joe Lynn Turner)/
17 Once In A Garden
CD 2 – 2006 – Winter Carols/1. Hark the Herald Angels Sing / O Come All Ye Faithful/2. I Saw Three Ships/3. Winter (Basse Dance)/4. Ding Dong Merrily On High/5. Ma-O-Tzur/
6. Good King Wenceslas/7. Lord of the Dance / Simple Gifts/8. We Three Kings/9. Wish You Were Here/10. Emmanuel/11. Christmas Eve/12. We Wish You A Merry Christmas

2008 – Secret Voyage/1. God Save The Keg/2. Locked Within The Crystal Ball/3. Gilded Cage/4. Toast To Tomorrow/5. Prince Waldeek’s Galliard/6. Rainbow Eyes/7. The Circle/
8. Sister Gypsy/9. Can’t Help Falling In Love/10. The Peasant’s Promise/11. Far Far Away/12. Empty Words

2010 – Autumn Sky/1. Highland/2. Vagabond (Make A Princess Of Me)/3. Journeyman/4. Believe In Me/5. Sake Of The Song/6. Song And Dance (Pt II)/7. Celluloid Heroes/8. Keeper Of The Flame/9. Night At Eggersberg/10. Strawberry Girl/11. All The Fun Of The Fayre/12. Darkness /13. Dance Of The Darkness/14. Health To The Company/15. Barbara Allen

2013 – Dancer And The Moon/1. I Think It’s Going To Rain Today/2. Troika/3. The Last Leaf/4. Lady In Black/5. Minstrels In The Hall/6. Temple Of The King/7. Dancer And The Moon/
8. Galliard/9. The Ashgrove/10. Somewhere Over The Sea (The Moon Is Shining)/11. The Moon Is Shining (Somewhere Over The Sea)/12. The Spinner’s Tale/
13. Carry On… Jon

2015 – All Our Yesterdays/1. All Our Yesterdays/2. Allan Yn N Fan/3. Darker Shade Of Black/4. Long Long Time/5. Moonlight Shadow/6. I Got You Babe/7. The Other Side/8. Queen’s Lament/9. Where Are We Going From Here/10. Will O’ The Wisp/11. Earth Wind And Sky/12. Coming Home


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