Black Stone Cherry [mp3]


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2006 – Black Stone Cherry/01. Rain Wizard/02. Backwoods Gold/03. Lonely Train/04. Maybe Someday/05. When The Weight Comes Down/06. Crosstown Woman/07. Shooting Star/08. Hell And High Water/09. Shapes Of Things/10. Violator Girl/11. Tired Of The Rain/12. Drive/13. Rollin’ On

2008 – Folklore And Superstition/CD1 – 01. Blind Man/02. Please Come In/03. Reverend Wrinkle/04. Soulcreek/05. Things My Father Said/06. The Bitter End/07. Long Sleeves/08. Peace Is Free/09. Devil’s Queen/10. The Key/11. You/12. Sunrise/13. Ghost Of Floyd Collins/CD2 – 01. Yeah Man/02. Big City Lights/03. We are the Kings/04. Bulldozer/05. Cowboys/06. Drinkin’ Champagne/07. Peace is Free (Acoustic)/08. Hell and High Water (Acoustic)/09. Lonely Train (Acoustic)/10. Maybe Someday (Acoustic)

2011 – Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea/01. White Trash Millionaire/02. Killing Floor/03. In My Blood/04. Such A Shame/05. Won’t Let Go/06. Blame It On The Boom Boom/07. Like I Roll/08. Can’t You See/09. Let Me See You Shake/10. Stay/11. Change/12. All I’m Dreamin’ Of/13. Staring At The Mirror (Bonus)/14. Fade Away (Bonus)/15. Die For You (Bonus)

2014 – Magic Mountain/01. Holding On…To Letting Go/02. Peace Pipe/03. Bad Luck & Hard Love/04. Me And Mary Jane/05. Runaway/06. Magic Mountain/07. Never Surrender/08. Blow My Mind/09. Sometimes/10. Fiesta Del Fuego/11. Dance Girl/12. Hollywood In Kentucky/13. Remember Me/14. Leave Your World Behind/15. Revolutionize

2016 – Kentucky/01. The Way Of The Future/02. In Our Dreams/03. Shakin’ My Cage/04. Soul Machine/05. Long Ride/06. War/07. Hangman/08. Cheaper To Drink Alone/09. Rescue Me/10. Peelin’ Fuzzy/11. Darkest Secret/12. Born To Die/13. The Rambler/14. I Am The Lion (Bonus Track)/15. Evil (Bonus Track)/16. Love Runs Out (Bonus Track)/17. Coyote (Bonus Track)/18. Mississippi Queen (Bonus Track)

2018 – Family Tree/01. Bad Habit/02. Burnin’/03. New Kinda Reelin’/04. Carry Me On Down The Road/05. My Last Breath/06. Southern Fried Friday Night/07. Dancin’ In The Rain (feat. Warren Haynes)/08. Ain’t Nobody/09. James Brown/10. You Got The Blues/11. I Need A Woman/12. Get Me Over You/13. Family Tree

2020 – The Human Condition/01. Ringin’ In My Head/02. Again/03. Push Down & Turn/04. When Angels Learn To Fly/05. Live This Way/06. In Love With The Pain/07. The Chain/08. Ride/09. If My Heart Had Wings/10. Don’t Bring Me Down/11. Some Stories/12. The Devil In Your Eyes/13. Keep On Keepin’ On


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