Black Label Society 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1996 – Book Of Shadows (Zakk Wylde)/01. Between Heaven And Hell/02. Sold My Soul/03. Road Back Home/04. Way Beyond Empty/05. Throwin’ It All Away/06. What You’re Look’n For/07. Dead As Yesterday/08. Too Numb To Cry/09. The Things You Do/10. 1,000,000 Miles Away/11. I Thank You Child/12. Evil Ways/13. The Color Green/14. Peddlers Of Death

1999 – Sonic Brew/01. Bored To Tears/02. The Rose Petalled Garden/03. Hey You [Batch Of Lies]/04. Born To Lose/05. Peddlers Of Death/06. Mother Mary/07. Beneath The Tree/08. Low Down/09. T.A.Z./10. Lost My Better Half/11. Black Pearl/12. World Of Trouble/13. Spoke In The Wheel/14. The Beginning … At Last/15. No More Tears

2000 – Stronger Than Death/01. All For You/02. Phoney Smiles And Fake Hellos/03. 13 Years Of Grief/04. Rust/05. Superterrorizer/06. Counterfeit God/07. Ain’t Life Grand/08. Just Killin’ Time/09. Bullet Inside Your Head/10. Stronger Than Death/11. Love Reign Down

2002 – 1919 Eternal/01. Bleed For Me/02. Lords Of Destruction/03. Demise Of Sanity/04. Life, Birth, Blood, Doom/05. Bridge To Cross/06. Battering Ram/07. Speedball/08. Graveyard Disciples/09. Genocide Junkies/10. Lost Heaven/11. Refuse To Bow Down/12. Mass Murder Machine/13. Berserkers/14. America The Beautiful/15. Llabdeeps

2003 – The Blessed Hellride/01. Stoned And Drunk/02. Doomsday Jesus/03. Stillborn/04. Suffering Overdue/05. The Blessed Hellride/06. Funeral Bell/07. Final Solution/08. Destruction Overdrive/09. Blackened Waters/10. We Live No More/11. Dead Meadow/12. F.U.N.

2004 – Hangover Music Vol.VI/01. Crazy Or High/02. Queen Of Sorrow/03. Steppin Stone/04. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow/05. Takillya [Estyabon]/06. Won’t Find It Here/07. She Deserves A Free Ride [Val’s Song]/08. House Of Doom/09. Damage Is Done/10. Layne/11. Woman Don’t Cry/12. No Other/13. Whiter Shade Of Pale/14. Once More/15. Fear


CD 2

2005 – Mafia/01. Fire It Up/02. What’s In You/03. Suicide Messiah/04. Forever Down/05. In This River/06. You Must Be Blind/07. Death March/08. Dr. Octavia/09. Say What You Will/10. Too Tough To Die/11. Electric Hellfire/12. Spread Your Wings/13. Been A Long Time/14. Dirt On The Grave/15. I Never Dreamed

2006 – Shot To Hell/01. Concrete Jungle/02. Black Mass Reverends/03. Blacked Out World/04. The Last Goodbye/05. Give Yourself To Me/06. Nothing’s The Same/07. Hell Is High/08. New Religion/09. Sick Of It All/10. Faith Is Blind/11. Blood Is Thicker Than Water/12. Devil’s Dime/13. Lead Me To Your Door

2010 – Order Of The Black/01. Crazy Horse/02. Overlord/03. Parade Of The Dead/04. Darkest Days/05. Black Sunday/06. Southern Dissolution/07. Time Waits For No One/08. Godspeed Hellhound/09. War Of Heaven/10. Shallow Grave/11. Chupacabra/12. Riders Of The Damned/13. January/14. Junior’s Eyes [Black Sabbath Cover]

2014 – Catacombs Of The Black Vatican/01. Fields Of Unforgiveness/02. My Dying Time/03. Believe/04. Angel Of Mercy/05. Heart Of Darkness/06. Beyond The Down/07. Scars/08. Damn The Flood/09. I’ve Gone Away/10. Empty Promises/11. Shades Of Gray/12. Dark Side Of The Sun/13. Hell And Fire

2016 – Book Of Shadows II (Zakk Wylde)/01. Autumn Changes/02. Tears Of December/03. Lay Me Down/04. Lost Prayer/05. Darkest Hour/06. The Levee/07. Eyes Of Burden/08. Forgotten Memory/09. Yesterday’s Tears/10. Harbors Of Pity/11. Sorrowed Regret/12. Useless Apologies/13. Sleeping Dogs/14. The King/15. Sleeping Dogs/16. Tears Of December [Alternate Version]/17. Lost Prayer [Alternate Version]

2018 – Grimmest Hits/01. Trampled Down Below/02. Seasons Of Falter/03. The Betrayal/04. All That Once Shined/05. The Only Words/06. Room Of Nightmares/07. A Love Unreal/08. Disbelief/09. The Day That Heaven Had Gone Away/10. Illusions Of Peace/11. Bury Your Sorrow/12. Nothing Left To Say/13. Disbelief (Unblackened Version) (Japanese Bonus Track)/14. The Only Words (Unblackened Version) (Japanese Bonus Track)


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