Beth Hart – Greatest Hits (2cd, digipak) (2020)



1 Bad Woman Blues
2 Try A Little Harder
3 Black Coffee
4 Damn Your Eyes
5 Jazz Man
6 Love Is A Lie
7 Tell Her You Belong To Me
8 Trouble
9 Mechanical Heart
10 Close To My Fire
11 Baddest Blues
12 Bang Bang Boom Boom
13 Your Heart Is As Black As Night
14 I’ll Take Care Of You
15 Life Is Calling
16 Good As It Gets
17 Lay Your Hands On Me
18 L. A. Song (Out Of This Town)
19 God Bless You


1 Rub Me For Luck
2 War In My Mind
3 Give It Everything You Got
4 Fire On The Floor
5 Let’s Get Together
6 Mama This One’s For You
7 The Mood That I’m In
8 Miss Lady
9 Them There Eyes
10 Better Man
11 Thru The Window Of My Mind
12 Sinner’s Prayer
13 Well, Well
14 Sister Heroine
15 Take It Easy On Me
16 Learning To Live
17 Leave The Light On
18 World Without You
19 Delicious Suprise

Жанр: Rock, Blues, Blues Rock


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