Battle Beast & Beast In Black [mp3]


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Battle Beast

2011 – Steel/01. Enter the Metal World/02. Armageddon Clan/03. The Band of the Hawk/04. Justice And Metal/05. Steel/06. Die-Hard Warrior/07. Cyberspace/08. Show Me How To Die/09. Savage And Saint/10. Iron Hand/11. Victory/12. Stay Black

2013 – Battle Beast/01. Let It Roar/02. Out Of Control/03. Out On The Streets/04. Neuromancer/05. Raven/06. Into The Heart Of Danger/07. Machine Revolution/08. Golden Age/09. Kingdom/10. Over The Top/11. Fight, Kill, Die/12. Black Ninja/13. Rain Man/14. Shutdown

2015 – Unholy Savior/01. Lionheart/02. Unholy Savior/03. I Want The World…And Everything In It/04. Madness/05. Sea Of Dreams/06. Speed And Danger/07. Touch In The Night/08. The Black Swordsman/09. Hero’s Quest/10. Far Far Away/11. Angel Cry/12. Push It To The Limit/13. Wild Child

2017 – Bringer Of Pain/01. Straight To The Heart/02. Bringer Of Pain/03. King For A Day/04. Beyond The Burning Skies/05. Familiar Hell/06. Lost In Wars (Feat. Tomi Joutsen)/07. Bastard Son Of Odin/08. We Will Fight/09. Dancing With The Beast/10. Far From Heaven/11. God Of War (Bonus Track)/12. The Eclipse (Bonus Track)/13. Rock Trash (Bonus Track)/14. Far From Heaven (Acoustic) (Exclusive Bonus Track)

2019 – No More Hollywood Endings/01. Unbroken/02. No More Hollywood Endings/03. Eden/04. Unfairy Tales/05. Endless Summer/06. The Hero/07. Piece Of Me/08. I Wish/09. Raise Your Fists/10. The Golden Horde/11. World On Fire/12. Bent And Broken/13. My Last Dream

Beast In Black

2017 – Berserker/01. Beast In Black/02. Blind And Frozen/03. Blood Of A Lion/04. Born Again/05. Zodd The Immortal/06. The Fifth Angel/07. Crazy, Mad, Insane/08. Hell For All Eternity/09. Eternal Fire/10. Go To Hell/11. End Of The World/12. Ghost In The Rain

2019 – From Hell with Love/01. Cry Out For A Hero/02. From Hell With Love/03. Sweet True Lies/04. Repentless/05. Die By The Blade/06. Oceandeep/07. Unlimited Sin/08. True Believer/09. This Is War/10. Heart Of Steel/11. No Surrender/12. Killed By Death/13. No Easy Way Out


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