Bad Boys Blue 2cd [mp3]


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CD 1

1985 – Hot Girls, Bad Boys/01. You’re A Woman/02. I Live/03. Pretty Young Girl/04. L.O.V.E. In My Car/05. KissYou All Over, Baby/06. Hot Girls – Bad Boys/07. For Your Love/08. People Of The Night

1986 – Heartbeat/01. I Wanna Hear Your Heartbeat (Sunday Girl)/02. Mon Arnie/03. One Night In Heaven/04. Baby I Love You/05. Kisses & Tears (My One And Only)/06. Rainy Friday/07. Lady Blue/08. Love Really Hurts Without You/09. Blue Moon/10. Dance The Night Away

1987 – Love Is No Crime/01. Come Back And Stay/02. lf You Call On Me/03. Victim Of Your Love/04. Love Is No Crime/05. Gimme Gimme Your Lovin (Little Lady)/06. I Remember Mary/07. Charlene/08. Inside Of Me/09. Why (Misty Eyes)/10. Kiss You All Over, Baby (New Version)

1988 – My Blue World/01. A World Without You _Michelle_ (Radio Edit)/02. Don’t Leave Me Now/03. Bad Reputation/04. Don’t Walk Away Suzanne/05. Love Don’t Come Easy/06. Lovers In The Sand/07. Till The End Of Time/08. Lonely Weekend/09. Rain In My Heart/10. A World Without You _Michelle_ (Classical Mix)

1989 – The Fifth/01. Lady In Black/02. Someone To Love/03. A Train To Nowhere/04. I’m Not A Fool/05. No Regrets/06. Where Are You Now/07. Fly Away/08. Love Me Or Leave Me/09. Show Me The Way/10. A Train To Nowhere (Train Mix)

1990 – Game Of Love/01. Queen Of Hearts/02 Jungle In My Heart/03. I Don’t Know Her Name/04. Jenny, Come Home/05. Chains Of Love/06. How I Need You/07. I Need A Woman/08. I Don’t Wanna Lose You/09. I Am Your Believer/10. Queen Of Hearts (Remix)

1991 – House Of Silence/01. House Of Silence/02. Under The Boardwalk/03. Train At Midnight/04. Baby Blue/05. Dancing With The Bad Boys/06. Deep In My Emotion/07. Tell It Everybody/08. Gimme Back My Love/09. When Our Love Was Young/10. House Of Silence (Haunted House Mix)

1992 – Totally/01. Have You Ever Had A Love Like This/02. I Totally Miss You/03. What A Feeling/04. Who’s That Man?/05. Warm And Tender Love/06. Save Your Love/07. Johnny/08. l’m Never Gonna Fall In Love Again/09. Rhythm Of The Night/10. I Totally Miss You (Re-Mix)

1993 – Kiss/01. Kiss You All Over, Baby/02. Sonner Or Later/03. Kisses And Tears (My One And Only)/04. The Woman I Love/05. I Do It All For You, Baby/06. I Live/07. Heart Of Midnight/08. Where Have You Gone/09. Aguarda Tu Amor (Save Your Love)/10. I’m Still In Love/11. I Totally Miss You (U.S. Remix)

CD 2

1994 – To Blue Horizons/01. Luv4U (Radio Mix)/02. Go Go (Love Overload)/03. Take A Chance/04. ls It You?/05. What Else? (Radio Mix)/06. Grand Illusion/07. Prove Your Love/08. One More Kiss/09. It Was Only Love/10. Say You’ll Be Mine/11. Love’s Not Always Like Paradise

1996 – Bang! Bang! Bang!/01. Hold You In My Arms/02. Bang! Bang! Bang!/03. Anywhere/04. Keep It In Your Soul/05. Fly Away/06. U ‘n’ I/07. Hold Me Now/08. Little Girl/09. Anyway Forever/10. When I See You Smile/11. Hold You In My Arms (Extended Version)/12. Little Girl (Extended Version)/13. Don’t Be So Shy/14. Family Beat

1999 – Follow The Light/01. Follow The Light/02. Thinking About You/03. When I Kiss You/04. I Can’t Live/05. Under The Boardwalk/06. Back To The Future/07. Listen To Your Heart/08. Hungry For Love/09. Sweet Love/10. Baby Blue/11. Rhythm Of Rain/12. I’11 Be Around/13. Ride On A Star/14. Love Is No Crime/15. Have You Ever Had A Love Like This/16. Back To The Future

2000 – Tonite/01. I’ll Be Good/02. Do What You Do/03. S.O.S. For Love/04. Waiting For Tonight/05. Somewhere In My Heart/06. I Wanna Fly/07. Take A Piece Of My Heart/08. You Take Me To The Light/09. Close Your Eyes/10. Heaven Must Be Missing You/11. You’re The Reason/12. Love Really Hurts Without You/13. S.0.S. For Love (Rap Edit)/14. Do What You Do (Rap Edit)

2003 – Around The World/01. Around The World/02. Cold As Ice/03. Baby Come Home/04. Think About You/05. Lover On The Line/06. A Bridge Of Heartaches/07. Join The Bad Boys Blue/08. Babe/09. Heaven Or Hell/10. I’m Your Lover/11. I’m Living For Your Love/12. Only One Breath Away/13. Around The World (Remix)/14. Lover On The Line (Extended Version)

2008 – Heart & Soul/01. Still In Love/02. ln His Heart, In His Soul/03. Matador/04. Queen Of My Dreams/05. I Don’t Wanna Know/06. Make My Dreams Come True/07. You And I/08. Tonight Is The Night/09. Sometimes/10. Show Me (The Way To Your Heart)/11. Hold Me In The Night/12. Pictures Of You/13. Russia In My Eyes/14. Those Were The Days/15. Still In Love (Almighty – U4IC Exclusive Vox Remix )/16. ln His Heart, In His Soul (Extended Mix)/17. Queen Of My Dreams (Extended Mix)

2020 – Tears Turning To Ice/01. Killers/02. Tears Turning To Ice/03. Love Love Love/04. A Million Times In Heaven/05. Never Gonna Miss U/06. No Barriers/07. Get Up/08. Burning Down The House/09. Bright Fields/10. Lead Me Through The Dark/11. The Rhythm Of Your Tears/12. Killers (Extended Version)/13. Tears Turning To Ice (Extended Version)14. Never Gonna Miss U (Remix)


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