Alter Bridge [mp3]


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2004 – One Day Remains/01. Find the Real/02. One Day Remains/03. Open Your Eyes/04. Burn It Down/05. Metalingus/06. Broken Wings/07. In Loving Memory/08. Down to My Last/09. Watch Your Words/10. Shed My Skin/11. The End Is Here

2007 – Blackbird/01. Ties That Bind/02. Come to Life/03. Brand New Start/04. Buried Alive/05. Coming Home/06. Before Tomorrow Comes/07. Rise Today/08. Blackbird/09. One by One/10. Watch Over You/11. Break Me Down/12. White Knuckles/13. Wayward One/14. The Damage Done (Best Buy Bonus Track)/15. New Way to Live (Best Buy Bonus Track)/16. We Don’t Care at All (UK Bonus Track)

2011 – AB III.5/01. Slip to the Void/02. Isolation/03. Ghost of Days Gone By/04. All Hope Is Gone/05. Still Remains/06. Make It Right/07. Wonderful Life/08. I Know It Hurts/09. Show Me a Sign/10. Fallout/11. Breathe Again/12. Coeur d’Alene/13. Life Must Go On/14. Words Darker Than Their Wings/15. Zero/16. Home/17. Never Born to Follow

2013 – Fortress/01. Cry of Achilles/02. Addicted to Pain/03. Bleed It Dry/04. Lover/05. The Uninvited/06. Peace Is Broken/07. Calm the Fire/08. Waters Rising/09. Farther Than the Sun/10. Cry a River/11. All Ends Well/12. Fortress/13. Outright

2016 – The Last Hero/01. Show Me a Leader/02. The Writing on the Wall/03. The Other Side/04. My Champion/05. Poison in Your Veins/06. Cradle to the Grave/07. Losing Patience/08. This Side of Fate/09. You Will Be Remembered/10. Crows on a Wire/11. Twilight/12. Island of Fools/13. The Last Hero/14. Last of Our Kind/15. Breathe

2019 – Walk the Sky/01. One Life/02. Wouldn’t You Rather/03. In the Deep/04. Godspeed/05. Native Son/06. Take the Crown/07. Indoctrination/08. The Bitter End/09. Pay No Mind/10. Forever Falling/11. Clear Horizon/12. Walking on the Sky/13. Tear Us Apart/14. Dying Light


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