a-ha – Minor Earth Major Sky (Vinyl, 2LP)

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Виниловая пластинка (LP)

Лейбл: Warner (Holland)

Артикул: 190295384388 Категорії: ,


A1. Minor Earth Major Sky (5:24)
A2. Little Black Heart (4:36)
A3. Velvet (4:19)
B1. Summer Moved On (4:37)
B2. The Sun Never Shone That Day (4:38)
B3. To Let You Win (4:23)
C1. The Company Man (3:14)
C2. Thought That It Was You (3:49)
C3. I Wish I Cared (4:21)
C4. Barely Hanging On (3:55)
D1. You’ll Never Get Over Me (5:38)
D2. I Won’t Forget Her (4:43)
D3. Mary Ellen Makes The Moment Count (4:53)


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