Легенды зарубежного рока 4ч [mp3]



001_Scorpions – We Built This House
002_AC-DC – Rock or Bust
003_Uriah Heep – One Minute
004_Europe – War Of Kings
005_Pink Floyd – Louder Than Words
006_U.D.O. – Secrets In Paradise
007_Judas Priest – Redeemer Of Souls
008_Bryan Adams – Kiss And Say Goodbye
009.UFO – The Killing Kind
010_Accept – Fall of the Empire
011_Motorhead – Paralyzed
012_Scorpions – Rock My Car
013_U2 – Sleep Like a Baby Tonight
014_Manowar – Annihilation
015_Helloween – Asshole
016.AC-DC – Play Ball
017_Judas Priest – Snakebite
018_Bryan Adams – God Only Knows
019_Uriah Heep – Kiss The Rainbow
020_Pink Floyd – It’s What We Do
021_Europe – Hole In My Pocket
022_U.D.O. – Rebels Of The Night
023_Scorpions – Hard Rockin’ The Place
024_Motorhead – Keep Your Powder Dry
025.UFO – Ballad Of The Left Hand Gun
026_Accept – From the Ashes We Rise
027_Judas Priest – Hell & Back
028_U2 – Every Breaking Wave
029_Bryan Adams – Rock And Roll Music
030_Lemmy (Motorhead) & Jake E. Lee (Ozzy Osbourne) – It.s A
031 Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow) & Phil Collen (Def Leppard) –
032_Uriah Heep – Is Anybody Gonna Help Me
033_Pink Floyd – Things Left Unsaid
034_Scorpions – Catch Your Luck And Play
035_Motorhead – Silence When You Speak To Me
036_AC-DC – Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder
037_Judas Priest – March Of The Damned
038_U.D.O. – Meaning Of Life
039_Europe – Angels (With Broken Hearts)
040_Accept – Bloodbath Mastermind
041.UFO – Rollin Rollin
042_Bryan Adams – Sunny
043_Motorhead – Knife
044_U2 – Raised By Wolves
045_Scorpions – Rock ‘N’ Roll Band
046_Pink Floyd – Sum
047_Judas Priest – Crossfire
048_Manowar – Expendable
049_U.D.O. – Speeder
050_AC-DC – Rock The Blues Away
051_Bryan Adams – Lay Lady Lay
052_Uriah Heep – Looking At You
053_Europe – Children of the Mind
054_Motorhead – Lost Woman Blues
055_Accept – 200 Years
056_Scorpions – Gypsy Life
057_Judas Priest – Battle Cry
058_UFO – King Of The Hill
059_Pink Floyd – Calling
060.U2 – Volcano
061_Bryan Adams – You Shook Me
062_U.D.O. – House Of Fake
063_Helloween – Burning Sun
064_Motorhead – Death Machine
065_Dave Meniketti (Y&T) – Night Prowler
066_Scorpions – Delirious
067_Judas Priest – Dragonaut
068_AC-DC – Miss Adventure
069_Uriah Heep – The Outsider
070_Europe – Days of Rock n Roll
071_Bryan Adams – Never My Love
072_Accept – Trail of Tears
073_Pink Floyd – Talkin’ Hawkin’
074.UFO-Devils In The Detail
075_Motorhead – Dust And Glass
076_U.D.O. – Shadow Eyes
077_Judas Priest – Halls Of Valhalla
078_Scorpions – The Scratch
079_U2 – Song for Someone
080.AC-DC – Dogs of War
081_Bryan Adams -1 Can’t Stop Loving You
082_Accept – Wanna Be Free
083_Pink Floyd – Anisina
084_Motorhead – Going To Mexico
085_Europe – Rainbow Bridge
086_Uriah Heep – Say Goodbye
087_Judas Priest – Cold Blooded
088_U.D.O.- Words In Flame
089_Scorpions – Dancing With The Moonlight
090_UFO – The Real Deal
091_Manowar – Born In A Grave
092_John Corabi (Motley Crue) & Bruce Kulick (Kiss) – Shake
093_Bryan Adams – Help Me Make It Through The Night
094_U2 – California (There is no End to Love)
095_Motorhead – Coup De Grace
096_Accept – Dark Side of My Heart
097_Judas Priest – Secrets Of The Dead
098_Pink Floyd – Surfacing
099_Manowar – Touch The Sky
100_Scorpions – Who We Are
101.AC-DC-Rock The House
102_Uriah Heep – Speed Of Sound
103_Europe – Nothin’ To Ya
104_U.D.O. – Let Me Out
105_Motorhead – Heartbreaker
106_U2 – Cedarwood Road
107_Judas Priest – Bring It On
108.UFO – Messiah Of Love
109_Bryan Adams – She Knows Me
110_Accept – Final Journey
111_Scorpions – Rollin’ Home
112_Pink Floyd – Ebb And Flow
113_The Vibrators – Rocker
114_Europe – Second Day
115.AC-DC – Sweet Candy
116_U2-The Troubles
117_Judas Priest – Metalizer
118_Uriah Heep – The Law
119_Bryan Adams – Any Time At All
120_U.D.O. – Untouchable
121_Motorhead – Crying Shame
122_Scorpions – All For One
123.UFO – Sugar Cane
124_Accept – The Curse
125_Pink Floyd – Night Light
126_U2 – This is Where You Can Reach Me Now
127_Judas Priest – Sword Of Damocles
128_Quiet Riot- Highway To Hell
129_Bryan Adams – The Tracks Of My Tears
130_Uriah Heep – Can’t Take That Away
131_Bang Tango feat. Fred Coury (Cinderella) – Shoot To Thri
132_U.D.O. – Breathless
133_Scorpions – House Of Cards
134_AC-DC – Emission Control
135_Europe – California 405
136_UFO – One And Only
137_Judas Priest – Never Forget
138_Pink Floyd – Autumn ’68
139_Bryan Adams – C’mon Everybody
140_Accept – Stampede
141_Motorhead – End Of Time
142_U2 – The Miracle (of Joey Ramone)
143_Jetboy – You Shook Me All Night Long
144_Scorpions – When The Truth Is A Lie
145.U.D.O. – Decadent
146_Genitorturers – Squealer
147_Judas Priest – Beginning Of The End
148_UFO – Precious Cargo
149_Bryan Adams – You’ve Been A Friend To Me
150_Pink Floyd – The Lost Art Of Conversation
151_Uriah Heep – One Minute (60 Seconds)
152_Motorhead – Queen Of The Damned
153_Europe – Light Me Up
154_AC-DC – Baptism By Fire
155_Scorpions – Eye Of The Storm
156_U.D.O. – Mystery
157_Judas Priest – Creatures
158_U2 – Lucifer’s Hands
159_Bryan Adams – Many Rivers To Cross
160_Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) & Scott Ian (Anthrax) – Walk
161_Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) & Tracii Guns (L.A.Guns) – Whole L
162_Uriah Heep – Jessie
163_Pink Floyd – On Noodle Street
164_Accept – Dying Breed
165_U2 – The Crystal Ballroom
166_Motorhead – Do You Believe
167_Scorpions – Going Out With A Bang
168_U.D.O. – Pain
169_Judas Priest – Tears Of Blood
170_Bryan Adams – Down On The Corner
171.AC-DC – Hard Times
172_UFO – Run Boy Run
173_Europe – Praise You
174_Manowar – The Lord Of Steel
175.U2 – Iris (Hold Me Close)
176_Pink Floyd – Eyes To Pearls
177.U.D.O.- Under Your Skin
178_Scorpions – The World We Used To Know
179_Judas Priest – Down In Flames
180_Uriah Heep – Rock The Foundation


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