Легенды зарубежного рока 3ч [mp3]



001.Warrant – We Will Rock You
002_Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls
003_ZZ Top – Dirty Dog
004_Twisted Sister -I Wanna Rock
005_Billy Idol – Rebel Yell
006_Roxette – Fireworks
007_Queen – The Invisible Man
008_Cinderella – Gypsy Road
009.INXS – Original Sin
010_Status Quo – Ain’t Complaining
011_Roxanne – Coming For You
012_Motley Crue – Piece Of Your Action
013_Sweet – Set Me Free
014_ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin
015_Nazareth – Hit The Fan
016_AC-DC – Thunderstruck
017_Aerosmith – My Fist Your Face
018_Slade-1 Hear Ya Callin’
019_ZZ Top – Delirious
020_Roxette – Joyride
021_Gary Moore – All Messed Up
022.INXS – Suicide blonde
023_Slade – Won’t You Rock With Me
024_ZZ Top – Pincushion
025_Nazareth – Keeping Our Love Alive
026_Aerosmith – Rag Doll
027_Billy Idol – Speed
028_Krokus – Stayed A Wake All Night
029_Queen – Radio Gaga
030_Slade – Cum On Let’s Party
031_ZZTop – Concrete And Steel
032_Status Quo – Everytime I Think Of You
033_Sweet – AC DC
034_Def Leppard – Armageddon It
035_Nazareth – One From The Heart
036.AC-DC – That’s The Way I Wanna Rock
037_Aerosmith – The Reason A Dog
038_Status Quo – Don’t Drive My Car
039_Cinderella – Shake Me
040_ZZ Top – Got Me Under Pressure
041_Queen – Headlong
042_Gary Moore – Walking By My Self
043_Nazareth – Can’t Shake Those Shakes
044_Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
045_ZZ Top – Lovething
046_Kick Axe – On The Road To Rock
047_Aerosmith – Walk This Way
048_Joe Satriani – Ride
049_Def Leppard – She’s Too Tough
050_ZZ Top – Sharp Dressed Man
051_Queen – Khashoggi s Ship
052_Gary Moore – Oh Pretty Woman
053_INXS – New Sensation
054_Svveet – Heartbreak Today
055_Foreigner – Tooth And Nail
056_Nazareth – Salty Salty
057_Motley Crue – Helter Skelter
058_Billy Idol – Blue Highway
059.AC-DC – Who Made Who
060_ZZ Top -World Of Swirl
061_Queen -1 Want It All
062_Gary Moore – Run For Cover
063_INXS – Devil Inside
064_Cinderella – Once Around The Ride
065_ZZ Top – Need You Tonight
066_Nazareth – Cover Your Heart
067_Bryan Adams – The Only Thing That Looks Good
068_Billy Idol – Shock To The System
069_Molly Hatchet – Backstabber
070_ZZ Top – Tube Snake Boogie
071_Nazareth – Rip It Up
072_Slade – Time To Rock
073_Queen -1 Want To Break Free
074_Cinderella – Nothin’ For Nothin’
075_Roxette – The Look
076_Gary Moore – Friday On My Mind
077_Sweet – No You Don’t
078_ZZ Top – Can’t Stop Rockin’
079_Roxette – 7Twenty7
080_Cinderella – Second Wind
081_Tina Turner – Steamy Window
082_Aerosmith – The Hop
083_Billy Idol – Cradle of Love
084_China – Back To You
085_Roxette – Dangerous
086_Bon Jovi – Runaway
087_INXS – Need You Tonight
088_Sweet – Into The Night
089_ZZ Top – Got The Six
090_Nazareth – Donna, Get Off That Crack
091_Billy Idol – Don’t Need A Gun
092_Cinderella – Hell On Wheels
093_Def Leppard – Run Riot
094_ZZTop – Legs
095_Nazareth – Cry Wolf
096_Girlschool – Tear It Up
097_Slade – Ooh La La In LA
098_ZZ Top – Antenna Head
099_Lita Ford – Hellraiser
100_AC-DC – Girls Got Rhythm
101_Cinderella – Somebody Save Me
102_Sweet – Sweet FA
103_ZZ Top – Decision Or Collision
104_Roxette – Hotblooded
105_David Coverdale – Dont Lie To Me
106_Queen – Don t Stop Me Now
107_Dokken – Standing On The Outside
108_Chris Rea – The Road To Hell
109_Motley Crue – Primal Scream
110_Sammy Hagar – Love Or Money
111_Slade – Black And White World
112_Nazareth – Telegram
113_Aerosmith – Let The Music Do The Talking
114_Supermax – World Of Today
115_Thin Lizzy – Leave This Town
116_Motley Crue – Looks That Kill
117_Suzi Quatro – The Wild One
118_Billy Idol – Scream
119_Sweet – Restless
120 12. Top – Got The Message
121_Def Leppard – Slang
122_Cinderella – Easy Come Easy Go
123_Lita Ford – Rock And Roll
124_Foreigner – Night Life
125_Gary Moore – Running_From_The_Storm
126_China – Shout It Out
127_Roxanne – Nothing To Loose
128_ZZ Top – Cherry Red
129_Dire Straits – Money For Nothing
130_Def Leppard – Action
131_Motley Crue – Live Wire
132_Kreator – Golden Age
133_The Eagles – Get Over It
134_Billy Idol – White Wedding [Parts IH] [Shot Gun Mix]
135_Gary Moore – Out In The Skies
136_Sammy Hagar – Sweet hitchhiker
137_Roxette – Dressed For Success
138_Motley Crue – Too Young To Fall In Love
139_Cinderella – Back Home Again
140_Nazareth – Razamanaz
141_ZZTop – Tell It
142_Slade – Lock Up Your Daughters
143_Cinderella – The More Things Change
144_Roxette – Sleeping In My Car
145_Motley Crue – Shout At The Devil
146_INXS- What You Need
147_Van Halen – 5150
148_Status Quo – Marguerita Time
149_Gary Moore – Thunder Rising
150_Sammy Hagar – This Planets On Fire
151_Cinderella – All Come Down
152_ZZ Top – TV Dinners
153_Roxette – Lies
154_Motley Crue – All In The Name Of
155_Def Leppard – Rock Rock
156_Slade – 7 Year Bitch
157_Nazareth – Expect No Mercy
158_Foreigner – Counting Every Minute
159_Gary Moore – Murder In The Skies
160_Aerosmith – Nobodys Fault
161_Nazareth – Hair Of The Dog
162_Alice Cooper – Hey Stoopid
163_Slade – Run Runaway
164_Rainbow – Make Your Move
165_Kiss -1 Just Wanna
166_Gary Moore – Ready For Love
167_ZZ Top – Give It Up
168_Nazareth – Gone Dead Train
169_Van Halen – Judgement day
170_Foreigner – Dirty White Boy
171_Slade – Love Is Like A Rock
172_Twisted Sister – The Kids Are Back
173_Cinderella – If You Don’t Like It
174_Roxette – Crush On You
175_AC-DC – Heatseeker
176_Slade – Hey Ho Wish You Well
177_Motley Crue – Wild Side
178_Nazareth – Revenge Is Sweet
179_Sweet – Rebel Rouser
180_ZZTop- Burger Man


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